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Why Game Server Hosting Is A Must For Games Applications

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Website owners whose websites generate large amounts of traffic already know that the only way to prevent costly logjams is to upgrade their hosting account to dedicated hosting. They know that they can manage the performance of their website better, and can respond quickly to any problems that crop up, such as page load times. Slow page load times are a big problem for any website that wants to hold on to the visitors it has attracted. Visitors are the only source of income for any website, so every lost visitor represents a potential loss of revenue. Modern Internet users expect pretty much instant page loads, and they will not wait long if there is any delay. Even the most efficient website can experience occasional delays, and most informed surfers will recognize that. Nevertheless, surfers will quickly lose patience with a website that is continually slow to load, and they will stop navigating to it. When it comes to Game Server Hosting, delays that originate on the server are simply not an option, especially in multi-player games. Trying to play a game that is hosted on a slow or maxed out server is akin to trying to play one on a console or TV screen where the game continually stops and starts. Nobody likes that happening, and this level of performance will be totally unacceptable to players who want to take part in multi-player games. Dedicated Game Server Hosting Just as a standard commercial website will lose visitors if the website performance is poor, games websites will alienate visitors if the enjoyment of the games is diminished by continual freezes. The solution for commercial website owners is to move their website to a dedicated hosting option, and this is also the best option for those who use shared game server hosting. In case you are hosting a gaming website and have any doubts about the need to use dedicated game server hosting, all you need to do is compare your requirements with a commercial website. You will then realize that if a commercial website owner feels it is necessary to move to a dedicated server, then a games website owner simply has no choice. Commercial Websites While there are many different types of website, a lot of commercial websites have many things in common. Visitors arrive at the site, and search for something they want to buy. They add items to their shopping cart, and eventually proceed to the checkout. There, their payment is processed. If their payment is valid, the order is completed. During such a typical transaction, the server could be processing numerous other transactions at the same time. However, all these transactions will exist in their own little server world, and, with just one exception, have no impact or influence on any other transactions that are happening at the same time. Actions That Affect Others The only exception is where two or more customers want to purchase the same item at the same time. This is not […]

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Why The Best Dedicated Server Hosting Beats Cloud Hosting

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Best Dedicated Server Hosting If your online business is thriving and your traffic levels are growing, you may begin to notice a performance deterioration, and it may be time to check out the best dedicated server hosting options or some other solution. Your website’s page load times will begin to slow down as pressure on the server’s resources increases. This is not simply a technical problem that needs to be solved. Slow page load times can mean lost revenue. Website Traffic Your website traffic will be made of just two types of visitor. Your visitors are either arriving at your website for the very first time, or they are returning visitors. Some of your returning visitors are effectively first time visitors in that they may not be aware that they have visited your website in the past. First time visitors are really on a fishing expedition when they come to your website. It does not matter by what means they arrive there. They do not really know what to expect, and are probably quite neutral in their opinion as they click on a link, or type your website’s name into a browser address bar. Why Performance Matters There is a good chance that these first time visitors have opted to visit your site as one of many they intend to visit in their search for particular information, products or services. They have no allegiance to your website, or no overriding reason why they must see what you have to offer. Therefore, if your pages are taking too long to load, there is a very good chance that these first time visitors will simply go to some other website. That means they are not going to spend any money or generate any revenue on your website. It also means they are unlikely to bookmark your website, or store its address in any other way with the intention of visiting it in the future. You may get a little more leeway from visitors who have been to your website in the past, especially if they have bought into what you are offering, and have been satisfied with the products and service they have received. If they know that your website gives them what they want, they will be a little more tolerant when things are a bit slow to happen. However, it is only a matter of time before they get fed up waiting for your pages to load, and decide to look for another website that gives them the same level of service as yours, but without the delay in page loading times. The obvious solution to slow page load times is to increase the server resources. As your website grows, this usually means moving from shared hosting to dedicated server web hosting. It is essential to look for the best dedicated server hosting package you can find to ensure that the upgrade to a better resources translates to improved performance. As your business continues to enjoy its phenomenal growth, you […]

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What To Do When Your Web Server Hosting Package Is Maxed Out

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There is a natural progression that website owners face when their traffic volumes start to increase to serious levels. Website monitoring programs may begin to show a slowdown in your page load times. They may also show a higher percentage bounce rate, and you need to start looking in more detail at your web server hosting options. Bounce Rate The bounce rate is a measurement of the number of visitors who leave the website without any interaction with it, such as by clicking or entering information. (It is often mistakenly described as the number of visitors who visit only one page). If this figure starts to rise, it is often an indication that there is a problem with the website. One of the problems it could indicate is that potential visitors are getting fed up waiting for the pages to load, and are going to some other website. All modern web browsers allow tabs, and it is very common for people to open a new tab to navigate to a new website. It is also common for people to right click on search engine results to open suggested sites in a new tab. They open sites that way so that they will not have to redo the search if they cannot find what they want on the site they have opened. When sites are experiencing slow page load times, the bounce rate will likely increase. That’s because the potential visitor will often try to open the page in one tab, and will move to another tab while the page is loading if it looks like it is going to take some time. Once the surfer has gone to another tab, which almost always means he or she has gone to another site, there is a very high chance that he or she will not return to the site whose load time was too slow. That means the surfer will not have any interaction with the site. Time For Action It is impossible to know for an absolute certainty why any visitor to a website leaves without interacting with it. There could be many different reasons that have nothing to do with the website or its page load times. However, if the bounce rate starts increasing sharply, it is reasonable to assume there is a problem, and page load time is likely to be the main culprit. The normal progression when your page load times begin to increase is to move the website to a dedicated hosting server. The website has had to share all the resources on its original shared server, and that level of performance is no longer acceptable. Moving to dedicated web server hosting means the website has all the resources to itself. That will have a positive impact on page load times, and that impact will be immediate. Continued Traffic Growth Just like your initial traffic growth eventually led to your original web server hosting package no longer being enough to keep your website performing at top […]

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Who Needs Dedicated Web Hosting?

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If you find that your website is slowing down in terms of page load times, then it may be time to consider moving your hosting account to dedicated web hosting. If you are launching your very first website, you may be not be too sure about whether shared hosting will be good enough for you, but you may also find that the cost of dedicated web hosting is going to stretch your budget. The demands your website places on server resources are most often the key factor in determining whether shared or dedicated web hosting is the most apt. The bottom line is that surfers will go to some other website if your pages are taking too long to load. Even when hosting companies like us use the very best servers with the very best load balancing technology, websites hosted on shared servers can suffer from degraded performance when demand on the server is at peak. As telecommunications infrastructure and the hardware used to access websites increase in speed, surfer patience decreases. People expect almost instant results. You may have a website that provides outstanding value to your visitors, and those visitors may accept slight delays because they know what they will get is worth waiting for, However, you will face a big problem in holding on to first–time visitors if they do not wait for your pages to load. Page Load Times If your website is built with the intention of bringing in revenue, then clearly it is commercial suicide to fail to deliver what visitors want. What they want is to see the website fast. Web pages could be slow loading because of design faults, and that means they need to be rebuilt in a more streamlined fashion. Another common reason for slow loading pages is that the website is stored on a shared server. Quite simply, when your website is on a shared server, you have no control over how the resources on the server are allocated, and you have no way of knowing what the demand on those resources is likely to be. Any testing you carry out to check your page load times is pretty much meaningless, because the demand on the server resources will be constantly changing. You could carry out tests at various times throughout the day, and you could get totally different results. For example, if demand on server resources happens to be very high at the time you run your test, your page load times will be slow. The problem is that you will not know how busy the server is, so you cannot drill down to the root cause of slow page load times. On the other hand, if you happen to run your test when there is low demand on the server, your pages will load very quickly. Once again, you cannot know how busy the server is, so it is impossible for you to draw an accurate conclusion about your website’s performance from the results of your test. […]

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How A Dedicated IP Address Improves Page Load Times

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One of the most important things website owners need to do to ensure their website generates as much revenue as possible is to make sure that pages load quickly. There are a number of things that can be done to increase page load times. Using a dedicated IP address reduces the amount of processing time needed to resolve a website name with a physical website location. Before we look in more detail at ways to improve page load times, it is worth mentioning that you need to test your website using a variety of connections. While there is little point in optimizing your website to load quickly for people using dial-up modems, it is wrong to assume that everybody has a really fast Internet connection. While fiber optic connections are growing in popularity and in availability, it will be some time before they overtake ADSL connections as the primary means of connecting to the Internet, so you should set your target page load speeds to perform well on ADSL connections. A secondary benefit of targeting your page load speeds for ADS connections is that this will also be a good fit for people connecting via mobile devices. The number of people who use mobile devices to connect to websites is growing astronomically, and this important sector should not be overlooked by website owners. How a dedicated IP address helps All web hosts have their own individual IP address. This is a number that under Internet Protocol version 4 consists of 4 groups of up to three decimal digits each, and the point is rapidly being reached where that does not allow enough combinations to enable the allocation of unique IP addresses to every host. Under the newer Internet Protocol version 6, the identifying number can be made up of eight groups of 4 hexadecimal digits, more than enough to provide for new website registrations into the future. DNS – Domain Name System While these numbers are at the heart of resolving where the data that makes up a website is located, they are impractical for use as website names. To address this problem, the Domain Name System (DNS) was established. The DNS is a network of servers that maintains a database of all website names and their IP addresses. When you type a website name into a browser address bar, or click on a text link to a website, the browser initially passes the website name to a DNS server, and the server instigates a search for that name. That search may involve other DNS servers. When the correct entry is found, the DNS passes the IP address back to the browser. All of this happens very quickly, but it takes some time. It takes even more time to track down a website on a shared server, because there is one additional step that has to take place in that scenario. When a website’s IP address points to a server that is hosting many different websites, the server software has […]

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What Is A Great Cheap Dedicated Hosting Service For A Startup Web Site?

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Cheap Dedicated Hosting If you want to build your own website, our cheap dedicated hosting services provide affordable options for any business or personal website you might be thinking about establishing. Face it—marketing any kind of product or service or promoting your personal brand in social media depends on having a website that stays up and running 24/7. If you have an unreliable site, your business and reputation suffer. You can create a professional-quality website, separate your business and certain personal activities from your personal computer and home address, choose and register a domain name that describes your website and secure a dedicated hosting server that makes your files, products, blog posts and other informational files available to anyone connected to the Internet. It doesn’t cost a fortune to establish a viable website with a cheap web host. Dedicated Web servers are available with us at low-cost prices to make your collection of files and Web pages available to anyone through Internet searches or directly accessing your Web address or URL. We do the heavy lifting by providing website templates that you can easily customize for your needs, researching and registering domain names and making your files available with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Web Hosting Options Getting a website online requires using a server to connect to the Internet. You can find free options if you’re just building a website for fun as a hobby or experiment. These types of sites offer limited flexibility, slow connection speeds and often unreliable connections that frequently crash. If you’re serious about getting a reliable website online, our services help you do so at low prices. Shared hosting plans are available for as little as $6.99 per month, but if you’re ready to get serious about marketing, getting a dedicated hosting server with one of our self-service, managed or fully managed plans will help you grow your business immediately with lightning-fast page loads, full administrative control of your site and unlimited scalability for business or website growth. The business and personal marketing options of a website with a hosting dedicated server include: • Speeding page loads for eCommerce to prevent cart abandonment • Protecting your data from hacks and crashes • Ability to edit your server files • Safeguarding your recovery from disasters with disk mirroring • Provisioning your server within minutes to get your site up and running • Providing multiple levels of service and support 24/7 for troubleshooting problems • Protecting your eCommerce customers with Secure Socket Layer or SSL certificates A dedicated server allows you to offer your customers advanced website features like product catalogs, shopping carts and other common features and apps of successful online stores. Our dedicated hosting server plans provide everything you need to take orders, receive payments and protect customers with SSL-encryption that establishes an encrypted link between your eCommerce website and each client. Special Services Guarantee Your Personal Privacy, Security and Website Integrity You can forward links from other domain names to your website to any […]

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Why You Need To Understand DNS Hosting

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Even though everybody takes the Internet for granted nowadays, it is still a relatively new technology, having come on stream in the mid 1990s. Explosive growth like this always leads to misconceptions and descriptions that are inaccurate. Since the Internet is a technological network, there are many terms associated with it, such as DNS hosting. The jargon can be confusing for newcomers, and the situation is not helped by several terms being used incorrectly. Hosting One of the areas that is most confusing to newcomers is the concept of web hosting, and the range of options available, including DNS hosting. The fact is that the type of hosting package that is best for any given website will depend entirely on: a) What the website is trying to achieve b) How it is built c) What resources it needs. That means the website owner must try to work out answers to all these questions, and draft out a list of minimum requirements that the hosting package must have. It will be extremely difficult for an owner to be able to calculate these figures exactly, so there is considerable margin for error. To avoid running into problems, it is good practice to always overstate the calculated resource requirements, even by as much as 50%. Knowledge helps In addition, it will pay newcomers to spend some time learning as much as they can about the technology behind the Internet, and behind their websites. There is no need to acquire an in-depth knowledge of how to set up and configure a Linux or Windows-based web server. Nor is it necessary to know how to deploy PHP and MySQL applications. Nevertheless, it is helpful to know what is meant by terms like PHP, MySQL, DNS hosting, bandwidth, and Linux (we assume everybody knows something about Windows). It is helpful to know the difference between Javascript and Java, even if any requirements for either of these technologies on an owner’s website may be fulfilled by third parties. Knowing how to evaluate the best dedicated servers is beneficial. It is quite easy to find good descriptions of various technical terms that can easily be understood by people with no specialist IT skills. The more knowledge a website owner accumulates, the better he or she is able to communicate with third party web developers. Increased levels of technical knowledge bring many other benefits. Owners who are tech savvy will be better able to track down and evaluate software tools that can help their website perform better, or make it easier to manage. They are also better informed when it comes to choosing the right web hosting package. Dedicated or shared hosting For most people, the decision will be down to choosing between dedicated and shared hosting. For the vast majority of website owners, shared hosting will deliver what they need. A minority will require dedicated hosting, because their websites will place a high demand on resources. An even smaller minority will want to have a measure of control […]