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Domain Name Search And Registration In 3 Easy Steps

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Domain Name Search Choosing the right domain name is a vital part of setting up a website. The domain name will have a large bearing on your search engine placement and once you have set up your website its hard to change. Following is a step-by-step outline on how to do a domain names search for, and subsequently register, the domain name of your choice. These simple how-to’s will not only help you get a website up and running but also choose a search engine friendly name that will attract those you are seeking to reach. Domain Name Check – Identifying What to Look For Before you check domain name availability, you need to determine just what you are seeking. Here are some tips that can get you off to a good start. Domain Search Tips for Brick and Mortar Businesses If you have a brick and mortar business, then you will probably want to name your website after your business. Doing so is a good idea, as it helps your clients identify your website with your business. In fact, you should use your official business name not only for your website but also all your social media accounts. However, it is very possible that a domain name search will show that your chosen URL has already been taken. There are literally tens of millions of websites online and most generic sounding business names have been claimed. In such a case, do a domain name search for business names that are similar to the name of your business.  Adding the name of the state or city you are located in to the end of your business name is a good idea. An example of this would be to do a domain name search for “Car Repair AZ” “” or “Car Repair LA” “” instead of ““. Adding the name of the city you are located in can be good for local search engine placement but should be avoided if you are setting up an online only store that is meant to have national or international appeal.  Domain Search Tips for Online Businesses Those who have an online only business may want to consider a variety of domain name options. You can name the business after the main product you are selling, or use one of the main keywords you want to get a high ranking for as part of the domain name. However, you should never use your own name for your website unless you are a well known expert in your field. It is also important to choose a name that people can easily remember. Avoid using hyphens or uncommon characters when you do a domain name search, as these make it hard for people to remember your site and can even lead them to confusing your website with another website that has a similar domain name. Adding unusual characters and/or multiple hyphens to a URL name also looks tacky and unprofessional, giving people a bad impression of your […]

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5 Reasons to Register Domain Name Variations

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Register Domain Name Your domain name is essentially the address of your website. That is what people are going to type in if they want to go straight to your site. If you have a domain name that is hard to remember, you’ve got problems. Before you even start building your website you must give some thought as to what you will call it. It’s often very easy to come up with a name that somehow reflects what your business is about, but that name can be clunky and could be very difficult for people to remember. You need to think about making it as easy as possible for people to find you. Once you have come up with a good name for your website, you will need to go through the domain name registration procedure to make that name exclusively yours. The first question many people ask is “how do I register a domain name?” and the answer is that it is quite easy to do. While domain registration may sound like a complex procedure, it is really very simple and straightforward, and does not require any specialized knowledge. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind. When you register a domain name, the name you choose has to be unique. You cannot register domain names that other people have already registered. A domain name consists of at least two parts, separated by a period. The part after the period is called the TLD (top level domain). Here is the key issue: a domain such as is considered to be distinct from or Even though these three variations are almost identical, they are considered unique. You should be able to appreciate that if you register a domain, it is quite possible that others can register very similar domain names. They may do this deliberately, or they may not even be aware of the existence of your domain with an almost identical name. One way to maximize the amount of traffic you get is to register domain name variations. That increases your chances of getting return visits from people who have not accurately remembered your website’s name. Here are 5 reasons why registering multiple domain names works in your favor. 1. Surfers may not remember your website address. When you register domain name variations you make it easier for users to find you. When you launch a new website, it is going to take some time before it becomes widely known to its target audience. Depending on the nature of your website, your repeat visitors may not return with enough frequency that they will remember your domain name by heart. They may remember the first part, but forget whether it’s a .com or a .net domain. You can make it easier for them to find you again by registering your domain name with both these TLDs, and with other popular TLDs. 2. Surfers may search with the wrong TLD. When somebody is trying to […]

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The Importance Of Domain Name Renewal

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Domain Renewal Before you can publish your website, you have to come up with a unique name for it, known as a domain name. This is necessary so that each website can be distinguished from every other. Every name must be registered before it can be used as the address of a website. It is also necessary to do a domain renewal before the registration period expires. While owning a domain name is somewhat similar to owning copyright on a book or a musical composition, there are major differences, and you need to be clear on these if you are not to run into difficulties holding on to your chosen domain names. You should ensure the domain renewal date is in your calendar. If you forget to do your domain renewal, you may not be able to continue using the name. How domain services work Much of the technicality in bringing surfers to websites is fortunately hidden from website owners. However, it helps to understand something of what goes on in the background. Your website consists of one or more computer files residing on a server that is connected to the Internet. For the most part, your website sits there waiting for visitors to connect to it. They can arrive at it by typing its name in a browser address bar, by clicking on links to it that they find in search engine results, in emails from you or from other people, or from their saved sites. When they click on a link or type the name, the browser sends a request to a domain name server (DNS). If the domain exists and has been pointed at a website, the IP address of the website, which will point to the physical location of the website, will be retrieved from the DNS, and the surfer will be connected to your website’s server. For this system to work properly, every website must have a unique domain name. Otherwise, there would be no way for a DNS to provide the information needed to connect to the correct website. It is your responsibility as website owner to let DNSs know the physical address of your site. You do that from your control panel. To keep the DNS record pointing to your site, you must not forget your domain renewal. When you go into our Register Domains page, one of our domain services is to check that the domain name you want has not already been registered by somebody else. If it is available, you can go ahead and register it. If it’s not available, you will have to come up with a different domain name. Your domain name is exclusively yours Provided you remember to do your domain renewal, nobody else can legally use that name to point to their own websites. However, you have to be security conscious and make every effort to prevent unauthorized access to your domain account. If people can get access to your account, they could change the DNS […]

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Domain Registration And Hosting Services With A Trusted Registrar

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Domain Registration And Hosting ICANN has recently added hundreds of top-level domain name extensions like .sexy, .loans and .restaurant. You can get the domain name that you want by using our intuitive research tools to find the ideal domain name for your business or personal website. If you want to ensure worry-free registration, transferring, hosting and optimizing your site for marketing purposes, contact for public or private registrations and hosting services. The benefits of our domain registration and hosting services include multiple hosting plans that are ideal for personal, business or reselling purposes. We handle your existing domain name transfer so that your Web-related management tasks only involve one company. As one of the most respected domain name registrars, our suite of services provides worry-free domain name hosting, no matter whether you use your registered domains for business, personal or speculative reasons. Domain Registration Issues and Our Services We are an officially accredited registrar, so you don’t need to worry about issues like an unscrupulous host hijacking your domain. Hijacking can occur when a host maliciously or unintentionally registers a domain name using its own corporate information. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) maintains records of every website and their owners, so you website could be registered to another entity. If your host inadvertently or deliberately registers your domain in its own name, the company could hold your domain hostage if you want to switch hosts or someone offers to pay more for the domain lease. Choosing a full-service domain registration and hosting company ensures that you can research possible domain names easily, check on your registration details, monitor expiring names and even earn money reselling domain names. We also offer private registration, which prevents your personal information like home address, email address and home phone number from appearing on Who Is searches that anyone can conduct to find information about publicly registered website owners. The Value of Your Domain Name Finding the right domain name is critical to digital marketing success because the right name makes is easy for people to remember your name or find your site through service-related keywords. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) was organized as a nonprofit corporation to administer the Internet, and the company assigns top-level Web addresses or domain names based on the following breakdown: • The standard .com is open to anyone. • Although intended for organizations, .org is also open. • The alternative .net is also an open-use TLD. • Second-level domains add multiple domain name choices based on countries. • ICANN recently added hundreds of open top-level domains that include .sexy, .clothing, .computer, .investment and many others. Could our registration services help you take advantage of hundreds of new top-level domain name extensions? The demand for simple, easy-to-remember website addresses grows exponentially with the increasing number of websites. Smart entrepreneurs have always made money by investing in ideas and speculating on products that they expect to increase in value. Our domain-related services […]

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Key Benefits Of Private Domain Registration

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You probably know that you need to register domain name information before you can make a website available to the public. Your domain is what uniquely identifies your particular website, distinguishing it from every other website. What you may not know is that the personal information you need to supply when you register a domain will become public by default. If you want to keep that information hidden from everybody, you have the option of doing a private domain registration. What is private domain registration? You may think that a private domain registration means that your domain name will remain private, which defeats the purpose of having a website in the first place. You will want to attract visitors to your website, and that means letting as many people as possible know about it. Since your domain name and your website name are essentially the same thing, you will be keen to publicize your domain name. All domains have to be registered, and some of the information you supply when going through the registration process will be made public by default. Don’t worry, that does not include information like your credit card details. What it does include is your name, your address, and your contact email. When you choose to make your domain registration details private, these details, and not your actual domain name, are hidden from the general public. How does it work? It is really quite simple. Instead of your personal details being associated with your domain name, we use a domains by proxy registration service. Proxy details are now visible to anybody who looks up the domain registrant details. They will see the email and contact details of the proxy service, rather your own personal proxy and contact details. Is it legal? Under ICANN regulations, and legislation in various jurisdictions, it is a requirement that domain name owners must provide details like their address. At present, there is no system in place to actually verify addresses, but the email provided has to be accurate, since that is how a domain registrar, such as wild west domains, will contact the domain owner. When you opt for private domain registration, you are still complying with ICANN regulations and with the law. Your personal contact details will still be provided to the domain registration service, but they will be marked as private. The registrar will publish the proxy’s details, rather than the actual owner’s details. Why bother with private domain registration? At the outset, let us point out that if you already have your personal contact information published on your own website, then there is no point in doing a private domain registration, as your information is already available to anybody. If you are working from home, you may be publishing your home address, so domain privacy may not benefit you. However, very few people will actually publish this personal information on their websites (although they may publish it on other websites), and they may not want people to be […]

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Why Buy Domain Name Variations

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Buy Domain Name Every shrewd businessperson knows the value of using various online methods to promote the business. One of the most useful ways to do so is to build a website that gives people lots of information about a business, provides several different ways to contact the business, and showcases the products or services. Many websites also provide a means for people to buy products or services directly from the site. You can buy domain name variations to help people find your website. The procedure to buy domain names is very simple and straightforward. All you need to do is have your credit card ready. Go into our Register Domains option and type in the name you want to register. You need to come up with a unique name, but we make that easy. When you type in your chosen name, we will instantly check to see if it’s available. If it is, you can go ahead and register it. You can buy domain name variations at the same time. However, before you get to that stage, there are several other factors you have to think about. Once you register a domain name, and publish your website using that name, the name becomes a key part of your company branding. That means you need to get it right. Here, we spell out some of the considerations you need to take into account before you buy a domain name. 1. Should the name include the business name? There is much debate about this particular question, and opinions tend to fall strongly into yes or no camps. Like most things in life, things are rarely black and white, and it is rare that a particular option will be suitable in all cases. If your business name is very long, it may not be the best idea to use that as your main domain name. Even if the name is quite memorable, the longer it is the more likely it is that people will make errors while typing it in. Since you will want to make it as easy as possible for people to get to your website, you should try to keep the domain name short and simple. You should also think about cutting out any extraneous information when you buy domain names. For example, if your business is incorporated, there is no benefit to you in having “Inc” as part of your domain name. Similarly, using phrases like “& Sons” or “& Associates” is really adding redundant information to your domain, and making it more difficult to type correctly. 2. Should I buy domains that tell people something about my business? In the early days of the Internet, it was considered good practice to give people some idea of what your business was all about. At that time, search engines were a lot less sophisticated than they are now. If you included terms like “realestate” in your domain name, it tended to improve your ranking for searches related to real […]

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Who Is Domain Searches Reveal Personal Information

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Who Is Domain searches can reveal personal and family information about your business. The commonly used WhoIs Domain protocol allows anyone with computer skills to research information that is maintained by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN. You can protect your identity, privacy and domain name and prevent cyber-stalking, spam, data-mining and other related risks of having your information widely available to anyone. We can register your domain name privately at and keep your identity hidden from public searches. Our Private Domain Registration Offers Business and Personal Website Benefits Choosing us to register or host your website and opting for private registration ensure that your private information stays private. Unless you use your home address and phone number for your business, there’s no upside to revealing personal information to the world. Giving out your address and personal details because you own a blog or hobby site is risky. The benefits of domain privacy include: • You keep control of your domain and can cancel, sell or renew it. • Private registrations don’t affect your ability to control your website content, update contact information and resolve disputes. • You can shield your business decisions from hackers and competitors. • Using a reliable host and registrar prevents your domain from hijacking and domain-related spamming. • If you’re using a website for personal reasons instead of business, you can protect your privacy and stop data-mining and spam. • Protect your privacy, and keep your home address and identity from being available to stalkers, criminals, identity thieves and aggressors. Who Owns a Domain Name? Aside from the philosophical argument that nobody owns a domain name but only rents it, your WhoIs Domain research might show that it’s someone else who really owns your domain. Hosting companies, through ignorance or ill-intent, sometimes register domains in their own names in hosting situations. This situation could lead to the company holding your domain hostage to prevent you from switching to another provider. A determined entrepreneur might offer to buy the domain at an inflated price, and your hosting company could sell it. You can protect your domain by conducting a domain WhoIs search to see if your information is correct. If your name is not listed as the owner or other mistakes, then you can usually get the information corrected by logging into your account. If you can’t, ask your host to correct the inaccurate information. If the company refuses, you might need to take legal action. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll prevail in court. Legitimate and Unscrupulous Reasons for Who Is Domain Research Some domain names are more popular than others because they’re easier for customers to remember or perfect fits for certain business entities. That’s why there is a market for buying underutilized domains and reselling domains for profit. Since people don’t really own domains but lease them, several problems can arise about who owns domain. Unscrupulous companies can try to hijack the domain and webmasters might forget to […]

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How To Use Cheap Domain Names In Five Easy Steps

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Cheap Domain Names There are few things in life worth doing that can be done in only a single step. If it’s worth doing, after all, it’s worth doing right. If you’ve got a complex task, it’s naturally going to take several steps for you to get things done. It’s a simple part of getting a task finished, and an important way to divide things up into manageable bits. If you want to do something as complex as make use of cheap domain names, you’ve got to prepare yourself for what’s coming – and you’ve got to know what needs to be done. Once you establish your rules, you can make life easier on yourself by following them. If you’re in the process of hunting down a cheap domain, you definitely need to follow these five steps. They won’t just save you money, but they’ll also save you time – and if you want to make the most out of your business online, time is one thing that’s always going to be at a premium. Step One: Consider Your Name This first step is of crucial importance, because it’s going to set the tone for everything that you do next. If you aren’t willing to take a bit of time to consider exactly what you want to name your site, you’re not just going to miss out – you’re going to miss one of the most important parts of the planning phase. You’ve got to have a reasonable name, because that’s going to be the basis of your domain search. Despite the fact that an overwhelming number of names are already taken, it is a good idea to start with what’s important to you. If you’ve got a particular name you want to stake out online, it won’t hurt for you to run a quick search and find out if it is in use. If the name is used by a competitor or by a major business, you’ve got to rethink your strategy. If it is not, you’ve got to start considering how you’re going to turn your site’s name into a usable domain. Step 2: Run a Search It should come as no surprise at this point that a fair number of fantastic domain names are already taken. With that said, you can probably get fairly close to your goal by doing a search and finding out what’s out there. If you don’t go about a search the right way, though, you’ll quickly find that those names you thought were available are still very much in use. In fact, there are few things worse than getting excited about a cheap domain name registration and then finding out that you searched incorrectly. Once you’ve run a search, you can start editing your name. If you can grab something close (add a word to the end of your site’s name, etc), you can probably find a relatively inexpensive address. The longer the domain, the less it’s going to be worth overall […]

Domain Lookup Is A Reliable Domain Lookup Service

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Many people think of the internet as a kind of a “Wild West” of information. It’s true that anonymity is a major part of operating online, but it’s also a part of online operation that is slowly fading away. While many sites require registration with your real name and personal identification, it can still be particularly difficult for a private citizen or a business to get the information that they need online. This is where a domain lookup comes in – as an important tool for those who need to peek behind the veil of internet anonymity to contact those who are really behind sites on the web. To understand the importance of a domain lookup, though, you have to start at the beginning – by understand not only what a domain name represents online, but also by understanding how lookups work. What is a Domain? As you begin your journey to finding out more about domains, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re looking for. After all, a journey towards a specific type of knowledge is particularly useless if you are not sure where you are heading. Fortunately, understanding what a domain is and what it can do is actually quite simple – and it can help you to understand why a safe and secure domain lookup may be an important part of your future. At its core, a domain is a website’s address on the internet. It is the place where the site is located, and the string of characters that a user inputs in order to be taken to a particular site. Most people think of a domain as a .com address – look at as an example. As the internet has grown and changed, though, there have been many new players on the scene. The .com domain may still be the most popular, but one can just as easily see a .net domain, a .org domain, or even a .eu domain. It is important to realize that not only does every site on the internet have a domain name, but that name is an important source of information for those who want to know more about the site’s owner. Like a house’s address, this name can be used to find out more about the person who owns it. What is a Domain Lookup? A domain lookup – generally called a Whois Lookup – is very similar to checking out a phone book when you want to get the information about a person at a specific phone number. This sort of search helps you to bring up a great deal of information about both the owner and the website, and can help you to figure out exactly what you need to know in a relatively short amount of time. Lookups are extremely common online, yet they tend to be performed only by individuals who are investigating websites for one of a few specific purposes. Looking up a domain generally requires going to a specific website and […]

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The New Web Domains And You

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There are many new web domains out there, many of which serve purposes far different from the class .com addresses. If you are ready for your business to compete in a new and changing marketplace, you need to take the time to discover just how these new web domains can be used. With a little work, you should find that these new domain extensions can bring your business new opportunities and allow you to market your business in a way that you may never have dreamed possible. The Business Domains Some of the new web domains are particularly useful for making a statement about your business. Sure, these changes to the web domain names that many have come to know and love might look a bit confusing at first, but they’re actually great from a branding standpoint. Look at something as simple as the .tv domain – it took a bit to take off, but it now exists as a tried and true extension that has helped many brands to expand. If you are looking to expand the reach of your business, it can’t hurt for you to check out some of the new extensions that are meant for businesses. New domain extensions that work particularly well for businesses include: .FOUNDATION Improve the world with .FOUNDATION. .ESTATE Plan ahead with .ESTATE. .PHOTOGRAPHY .PHOTOGRAPHY increases your exposure. .VENTURES Launch your next project with .VENTURES. .GURU Offer guidance with .GURU. .HOLDINGS Take stock in .HOLDINGS. .EQUIPMENT .EQUIPMENT says you’ve got the goods. .CONSTRUCTION Lay a solid foundation with .CONSTRUCTION. .GRAPHICS Attract attention with .GRAPHICS. .TECHNOLOGY .TECHNOLOGY is for the techie in you. .ENTERPRISES Say you mean business with .ENTERPRISES. .CAREERS Put .CAREERS to work for you. .COMPANY .COMPANY says you’re in business. .DOMAINS The future looks bright for .DOMAINS. .MANAGEMENT Take charge with .MANAGEMENT. .SYSTEMS Develop a strong Web presence with .SYSTEMS. .REPAIR Fix it with .REPAIR. .INSTITUTE .INSTITUTE commands respect. .MARKETING Promote your services with .MARKETING. .AGENCY Let .AGENCY represent you online. .PRODUCTIONS Lights, camera, .PRODUCTIONS! .PARTNERS Team up with .PARTNERS. .COMMUNITY Build a .COMMUNITY online. .PARTS Sell .PARTS on the web. .SUPPLY Equip them with .SUPPLY. .SUPPLIES Keep the world stocked with .SUPPLIES. .INDUSTRIES .INDUSTRIES says you produce. .TOOLS Craft a strong web presence with the right .TOOLS. .CONSULTING .CONSULTING says knowledge. .SERVICES Promote your .SERVICES on the web. .EXCHANGE Trade up to .EXCHANGE. .LEASE .LEASE your own space on the web. .MEDIA Attract an audience with .MEDIA. .ASSOCIATES Team up with .ASSOCIATES. .BUSINESS Tell the world you mean .business. .FINANCIAL .financial says you manage money. .NETWORK Expand your .network online. .ATTORNEY Make your case with .attorney. .SOFTWARE Tell them you ❤ code with .software. .HOSTING Build the web with .hosting. .PROPERTY Claim your .property on the web. .AUCTION Find bidders with .auction. Help Domains Next time you look into web domain registration, take a moment to consider whether your site has something to offer people on the educational side of things. If it does, you might want to consider […]

Domain Name Registrar

8 Things You Need To Know About Domain Name Registrar Services

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Domain Name Registrar Before you publish a website, you have to register a domain name for it with an accredited domain name registrar. While the registration is a fairly simple process, there are some things you need to know about domain name registry to help you understand key concepts, and how they may affect you. 1. Unique domain names The name you register has to be unique, and, ideally, should be relevant to the purpose of your website. Every website has a unique IP address that identifies the physical server that the website is hosted on, and its location. The IP address is a numeric value, and is associated with a textual domain name. Typing the domain name is the most common way of accessing a website. This method of finding websites was set up because it is much easier for people to remember a textual name rather than an IP address. For example, it is much easier to remember than the IP address,, of the online bookseller. If you happen to know an IP address, you can type it in the browser address bar, and it will take you directly to the website. The textual domain name and its associated IP address are stored in a Domain Nameserver (DNS) database. When anybody types a domain name into a browser address bar, the browser sends a query to a DNS database, and the DNS database locates the name, and then directs the browser to the associated IP address. The browser then retrieves the contents of the index page at that IP address and displays them. Since a domain name can have just a single IP address in the DNS database, it has to be unique. Therefore, there is an administrative function in place to ensure that no duplicate names exist. 2. What’s the function of Internet domain name registrars? Internet domain name registrars keep a record of all domains that have been registered, and provide facilities for people to register new names. When you try to register a new domain name, the domain name registrar service will first check whether the domain name is already in use. If so, you will be unable to register it. The domain name registrar service will often show you possible alternatives. We discuss aspects of alternative, similar domain names in more detail below. When the name you want to register is found to be unique, you can go ahead and register it straight away. You will have to pay a fee based on the length of time for which you want to register the name. The minimum term is usually one year and the maximum is ten years. The annual fee paid will depend mainly on the Top Level Domain (TLD) chosen. The TLD can simply be thought of as the part of the domain name that comes after the dot. Some TLDs, such as .tv, are more expensive than others, such as .com and .net. 3. Alternative domain names You can […]