Affordable Web Hosting - 8 Key Resources To Check Out

8 Key Resources To Check Out When Looking For Affordable Web Hosting

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Affordable Web Hosting While website owners will be keen to find affordable web hosting, choosing the right hosting company is not simply a matter of looking for the cheapest service available. The lowest priced services will usually be very limited in what they offer. If you opt for one of them, you can end up spending a lot of time sorting out problems instead of promoting your business. Hosting companies need resources in place to ensure a reliable service. Those resources cost money. The cheapest hosting companies simply cannot afford top-class resources, so their reliability suffers. You can find your downtime is beyond acceptable levels. Many low-cost hosting services have very poor security, and are vulnerable to hacker attacks and frequent server crashes. Even when the servers are up, you may find that your website is taken down completely because you have unknowingly breached a hosting limit. Some hosts will replace your website pages with a message about your account that presents your business in a very poor light. Problems will inevitably crop up, and when they do, you need to be able to get them sorted out as quickly as possible. You need to opt for a service that provides 24/7 support. The level of support offered by budget hosting services is just not good enough for commercial website owners. To protect yourself from having a constant issue with your web host, you need to do some advance planning. There are several important considerations that must be applied when selecting a web hosting service. If you are shopping around for a host, you need to know exactly what resources your website will need. The resources required will be dependent on the purpose for which the website is being set up. For example, a personal website with a small number of static pages will need fewer resources than a full-blown, commercial website. The following are the key resources used by websites. As you will see, many of these are subject to restrictions and limitations that can result in problems for your website, and cause you to lose business. 1. Bandwidth Bandwidth is the amount of data sent from your website to browsers each month. It can be extremely difficult to calculate this accurately, because there are unknown factors. You cannot know in advance how much traffic your website will attract. You might also be unable to predict what actions visitors will carry out when they land on your site. If you set up an online store, some visitors may look up many different products, while others may be interested in only a single product. Similarly, if a visitor proceeds to purchase, that visitor will use up more bandwidth than one who buys nothing. When searching for affordable web hosting, you must find out the host’s regulations on bandwidth, especially what happens if your website exceeds the allocated bandwidth. If this happens, some hosts shut your website down until the start of the next month. This is clearly not acceptable for […]

Ecommerce Hosting - Running a Business

5 Reasons You Need To Research Your Ecommerce Hosting Options

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Most people are fully aware of the importance of good web design in building consumer confidence. They work carefully with web designers to ensure their ecommerce website provides a satisfying user experience. They ask people to test their ecommerce store and provide honest feedback on their experiences. Owners do this because they know that potential customers will likely navigate away from the site if they are having difficulties finding their way around, or struggle to process their orders. Owners also know that good presentation is important to convince visitors to buy something. Smaller ecommerce businesses are often working to a tight budget, and they may not have the luxury of being able to employ professional web designers. They choose instead to use web templates for their main site, and use plug-in ecommerce solutions for their store. This is a financially viable way of getting a website that looks great up and running quickly and relatively inexpensively and quickly. It is still important to get independent, unbiased feedback from test customers to make sure there are no major flaws that will deter customers. If you are building, or have already built, your ecommerce website, you will have to go through these stages before letting your website go live. You should use this opportunity to consider the next big part of publishing your website, namely choosing the best ecommerce web hosting service. Just as you have put a lot of thought and effort into designing and creating your website, and identifying your e-commerce niche, you need to be diligent in making sure the ecommerce website hosting company you choose is the right one for your specific needs. It is a mistake to think that all e-commerce hosting services are pretty much the same. You have to go with a service that will be able to deliver all your requirements at a price you can afford. Here are five reasons why you need to research ecommerce hosting companies. 1. Ecommerce Hosting Budget Every business has start up costs that have to be met before the business is in a position to start getting money from customers. When you are developing an online business, you have to pay for your domain name, and for building and hosting your website. If you are selling physical stock, you may have to buy in stock before you launch, and you may also have to buy packaging materials and weighing equipment to determine shipping costs. You have to make sure your budget is able to stretch to meet these costs. Some of these costs will be ongoing. You will have to renew domain names, and pay for hosting at periodic intervals. You may have to buy new stock and packaging to replace stock sold and packaging used. Many ecommerce hosting companies offer introductory packages at a reduced monthly fee. After the introductory period is over, the price will rise to standard levels. You have to factor this price rise into your costing calculations. Some ecommerce hosting companies advertise […]

Website Hosting Services

Choosing The Right Website Hosting Services For Your Business

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Website Hosting Services Starting a new business can be exciting, yet challenging. Many elements will need pulled together, from advertising and marketing to product delivery. One of the most important elements of your start-up success is how well you market your business. The first step is getting your website up and running and letting people know who you are and what services you provide. Choosing the right website hosting services is a vital link in this process. Web Hosting Services – How It Works? Think of your website hosting company as a parking lot for your website. Your site sits there, waiting for a user to access it. When the user is ready to visit your site, the Internet acts as a valet, making your site available through the user’s Web browser. This entire process is accomplished using hypertext transfer protocol, or HTTP, and takes only seconds to complete. Your site’s files are stored on dedicated servers until your users are ready to access them. Web hosting companies are about more than just servers though. These companies often offer services like domain name search, WHOIS database information, and privacy services and data backup. You never have to worry about losing your entire site in the case of a server failure. Your files will be backed up remotely. Web hosting companies are great for all types of businesses, including informational blogs, e-commerce sites and interactive application sites. Whether you want to host an informal blog chronicling your thoughts or run a site that calculates mortgage rates, you will need the right hosting company to meet your needs. Factors To Consider When Choosing Hosting Services: Price This is often the first and last consideration that drives start-ups to choose one website host over another. While pricing is important to your bottom line, there are many factors to consider to determine if you are getting the best bang for your buck. While a low-priced hosting plan may seem like a steal, it will likely lack some of the features you need most. Ongoing support that is not outsourced can be valuable when you are learning the ropes of using your site. Bargain basement hosting services often cut corners when it comes to hardware, which means that is more likely that you will experience site outages. If your site exists to sell a product, an outage can be catastrophic. Niche Hosting Not all website hosting services are created alike. Some services are best for larger enterprises like auction sites, daily deals sites and travel booking websites. If you are running a small blog with moderate traffic, those hosting packages may offer more than you need. On the other hand, if you are running a highly-trafficked real estate blog, you want to make sure that your hosting service is able to meet the bandwidth needs of your site. Technical Specs and Site Limitations If your site is content-heavy with videos, images, interactive polls and shopping cart technology, it may be worth the investment in a […]

Business Web Hosting - Complete Guide

A Complete Guide To Choosing The Right Business Web Hosting Plan

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Business Web Hosting Selecting the right business web hosting for your company is an important part of ensuring that you will capture your share of the online market. E-commerce is growing faster than ever before, and many customers complete the majority of their retail transactions with online merchants. Even if you don’t sell any products, having the right web hosting provider for the operation of your website. What Web Hosting Companies Do For Your Business Web hosting companies “host” your website and make it available on the Web. Think of web hosting as a valet service. You “park” your website on the lot (the server) until someone comes along to visit. When a person requests your site, either by typing in the address or searching for your content, the server “delivers” your page to your customer. Having the right business web hosting plan for your company is critical to keeping your site available at all times. How Important is Choosing the Right Hosting Plan? Choosing the right business web hosting service is the most important element of your website, hands down. If your server is down, people can’t access your page or support your business. Not having an adequate web hosting plan can sink your business. Loss of Sales and Revenue An outage can hurt a large business and all but kill a small one. If your customers visit your site and it is down, they will simply go to another site. If you think they will simply return when your site is up and running again, think again. Your customers may decide that they like your competitors better. If you are selling products, a down server will cost you sales. Poor Web Presence SEO, or search engine optimization, is crucial to maintaining your presence on the Web. If a customer searches for your site and you are experiencing downtime, the search engines will take note of this and punish you with lower rankings. This will adversely affect your site’s visibility on the Web. Imagine spending many hours and dollars boosting your presence online only to have your site slip in ranking due to a poor web hosting provider. Not a good picture. Even if your site isn’t down frequently, the search engine will decide that your host isn’t reputable and still punish you with lower rankings. Guilt by association of sorts. Having a reliable web hosting plan will eliminate these factors. Security Breaches and Loss of Data If your web hosting provider backs up your pages on a secure server, you can be assured that you will be protected from malware, viruses and other security breaches. While you can still be the victim of hacking, backed up data means your provider can quickly and easily restore your data. Technical Support Issues If there is a problem with your site, you will want to be able to contact technical support quickly. A reliable web hosting service will have technical support representatives that are available to resolve your issues quickly. Remember […]

Cheap Website Hosting

WebDevel Cheap Website Hosting

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Cheap website hosting refers to availability of web hosting services at low prices. Cheap host does not necessarily mean cheap or compromised services as some hosts offer great services at low prices. The success of any business or personal blogs depends on a number of factors; the major ones being reliable hosting and content. Web hosting refers to the processes and infrastructure that allow people broadcast their websites on the World Wide Web (WWW) via the Internet. The choice of a web host should be based on a number of factors depending on how urgent or important it is for a website to be accessible 24/7, availability of customer support, bandwidth, availability of domain names, cost, disk space/ storage limits, and security of data among other factors. What are some good website hosting services for startups? Are you new to the Internet, and want to start a small business, blog or something whose online presence will be massive at some point in its life? You have come to the right place. There are many web hosts, but we are one of those that offer you the cheapest hosting you can come across. Basic startups’ website hosting services include a reliable and high uptime (availability of the website online), reasonable bandwidth (to allow you utilize as much data as you need), customer support (for any queries or support you may need) and sample disk space for your cloud storage. As a web host, we guarantee unlimited bandwidth, reliability, and site security among others stellar features. Who provides cheap website hosting for websites? So you have decided to launch your online presence and are wondering where to start looking for a cheap website hosting service provider. Cheap web hosting is provided by companies that own servers, through which data can be sent and accessed from the websites, via the Internet. Cheap web hosting service providers give people various web hosting options depending on their need for Internet presence, website security and data size among other factors. The first simplest and cheapest web hosting is Shared Web Hosting where businesses or people share a server that is managed by the web hosting provider. This hosting has minimal security and customization features; extreme use of the server by one user can affect the performance of other users’ websites. The second is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) which is almost similar to shared hosting, except website owners get allocated a portion of the server, where they can control their data and manage their own security. The third hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, gives a website owner absolute control of the server (which he can manage or have a web host provider manage for him or her), hence has absolute security, capacity to handle any magnitude of data and data transfers, as well as ability to be customized as the website owner desires. About WebDevel, LLC. We, at, offer one of the cheapest web hosting plans available. Not only do we have a variety of cheap […]

Professional Web Hosting

Professional Web Hosting: Here’s Why And What You Need

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Running a business successfully is a full-time job. You have to worry about many different things, and one of them is finding professional web hosting. The importance and value of it simply cannot be stated enough. In today’s highly connected world, your website is your lifeblood. Most web hosting companies can be unreliable, providing sub par, unprofessional hosting services. This is where we stand out with our secure web hosting that will keep you up and running no matter what happens. What Exactly is Professional Web Hosting? Web hosting comes in many different forms, but if you are running a business that relies heavily on sophisticated web applications, then professional web hosting is what you are looking for. The greatest thing about it is that it is focused and designed for companies. It takes the needs of various sized companies—be they small, medium, or big businesses—and offers them robust packages that fulfill their every need. Most importantly, they are prepared to handle the evolving needs of small and medium-sized businesses. If your business gets heavy traffic spikes due to good publicity, professional web hosting will take care of it without a hitch. Your site will stay running smoothly, and your business will thrive because of it. Professional web hosting companies, such as ourselves, are prepared to deal with such eventualities than lesser hosts. Our world-class data centers are based around the world, covering United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific countries without a hitch. On top of that, our centers are built with full network redundancy. This translates to a highly reliable network that can take a lot without ever going down. Keeping that in mind, we have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which means that your business will be up and running 24/7 without facing any problems whatsoever. All these things mean that we are ready to handle any of your needs and can scale up as your business grows. You Need Room for Growth The next important thing to look for in professional web hosting is web space and bandwidth. Regular hosting companies offer only enough space to get you started, and they charge a lot for extra space and bandwidth. This leaves you feeling claustrophobic and restricts your business from growing. Bandwidth is also severely limited on such hosts, leaving you gasping for air if your business expands. These hosts are inflexible and do not offer the freedom you require. They are also unable to scale up when the situation asks for it. On the other hand, we offer packages with unlimited space and bandwidth, which means that you simply do not have to worry about running out of resources. Even our lowest package offers ample room to get you started; you can always move on to unlimited space and bandwidth when your business expands. Additionally, we have the best in class routers and servers. When combined with our world-class data centers, it means that your website will always be fast and responsive for your customers. Your sophisticated web application […]

Web Site Hosting

5 Common Questions About Web Site Hosting

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Here at, we are frequently contacted by new website owners who are puzzled about which is the best web site hosting option for them. We are more than delighted to answer such queries and to offer as much help as we can. If you are about to launch your own website and are unsure of which is your best option, we have compiled a list of things you need to consider, based on the most common questions we get. While every individual’s requirements will be different, we can point out the principal things that will affect your choice. We can also show you why we think you should avoid signing up with services that offer to host a website for free. If you are a complete newbie to web building, hosting and publishing, you may not fully understand some of the issues involved. For example, you may not know what an apache server is. If that is the case, you should search online for help on the topics about which you are uncertain. You can also pose questions on online forums, and you will often get a response within minutes. The more knowledge you accumulate, the better placed you will be to make crucial decisions. 1. What are my site hosting options? While we cater for website owners whose sites have thousands of dynamic pages, and whose traffic volumes are immense, most of those people who are publishing a website for the first time have modest requirements. They may be publishing personal websites, or websites that consist of a handful of static pages, or maybe even just a single page. For such people, our Economy hosting package is an ideal choice. This suits the most modest budgets, and provides ample resources such as disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts. We do not believe that people should use free hosting services. There are significant downsides to these. Firstly, many of them will take up a chunk of the browser display screen with advertisements. If you are wondering what is the best web site hosting provider for personal websites, you might think that this type of hosting is fine. But, do you really want to have your personal website cluttered with advertising banners over which you have no control? Even if your website is a personal one, you have probably spent a good bit of time trying to get it looking great. Imagine, then, how it will look when a garish advertisement banner with colors that clash with your careful design takes up a large part of the screen. It will look shoddy and amateurish, and most people do not want their websites to create that impression. 2. Who provides the cheapest and best web site hosting for websites? The answer to this question is not so simple. The problem is that you cannot compare the services offered by two or more hosting companies on price alone. You need to dig a little deeper to find out exactly what you are getting […]