Why The Best Dedicated Server Hosting Beats Cloud Hosting

Posted - 12:45 pm
Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

If your online business is thriving and your traffic levels are growing, you may begin to notice a performance deterioration, and it may be time to check out the best dedicated server hosting options or some other solution. Your website’s page load times will begin to slow down as pressure on the server’s resources increases. This is not simply a technical problem that needs to be solved. Slow page load times can mean lost revenue.

Website Traffic

Your website traffic will be made of just two types of visitor. Your visitors are either arriving at your website for the very first time, or they are returning visitors. Some of your returning visitors are effectively first time visitors in that they may not be aware that they have visited your website in the past.

Dedicated Server Web Hosting

First time visitors are really on a fishing expedition when they come to your website. It does not matter by what means they arrive there. They do not really know what to expect, and are probably quite neutral in their opinion as they click on a link, or type your website’s name into a browser address bar.

Why Performance Matters

There is a good chance that these first time visitors have opted to visit your site as one of many they intend to visit in their search for particular information, products or services. They have no allegiance to your website, or no overriding reason why they must see what you have to offer.

Server Hosting

Therefore, if your pages are taking too long to load, there is a very good chance that these first time visitors will simply go to some other website. That means they are not going to spend any money or generate any revenue on your website. It also means they are unlikely to bookmark your website, or store its address in any other way with the intention of visiting it in the future.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

You may get a little more leeway from visitors who have been to your website in the past, especially if they have bought into what you are offering, and have been satisfied with the products and service they have received. If they know that your website gives them what they want, they will be a little more tolerant when things are a bit slow to happen. However, it is only a matter of time before they get fed up waiting for your pages to load, and decide to look for another website that gives them the same level of service as yours, but without the delay in page loading times.

Server Hosting

The obvious solution to slow page load times is to increase the server resources. As your website grows, this usually means moving from shared hosting to dedicated server web hosting. It is essential to look for the best dedicated server hosting package you can find to ensure that the upgrade to a better resources translates to improved performance.

As your business continues to enjoy its phenomenal growth, you may find that your page load times are beginning to slow down again, even though you have the best dedicated server hosting, and now you have to look for another solution. Your host server is no longer able to cope adequately with the load on it, and you know that this problem must be resolved.

Dedicated Hosting — The Next Step

One of the key decisions you now have to make is whether to move to a new level of hosting, such as utilizing a cloud server hosting option, or whether to upgrade your dedicated server hosting machine to a higher specification machine.

The Issues

In most cases, the primary bottlenecks that slow down web page load times are, in no particular order, the server CPU and the server RAM. When you opt for a dedicated hosting package, you actually get full control of that server, although most hosting clients rarely, if ever, make use of this facility. In most cases, the basic hosting options that are included with their dedicated package are sufficient for their needs.

However, both RAM and CPU capacity are fixed. When the performance of the server begins to degrade, either RAM, CPU, or both, have to be upgraded. The choice is whether to do this on the existing server to look for another solution.

The Solutions

Host Server

When it comes time to expand resources, an owner can opt for cloud hosting instead of traditional dedicated hosting. The principal advantage of cloud hosting is that there is essentially an infinite scalability, so there is no problem in coping with increased traffic or bandwidth.

The other option is to increase the resources on the existing server. This means upgrading, or even completely replacing, the existing server. It may be possible to temporarily improve performance by adding software packages to tweak the OS, but this is a short-term solution, Additionally, it requires detailed knowledge of how the OS works, and can be time consuming.

Pros And Cons of Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions can be viewed as open-ended solutions. That is possibly their biggest, and sometimes their only, plus point. They leave website owners free to concentrate on the core business, and not having to worry about the technical side of the website.

Dedicated Server Web Hosting

Cloud services can sometimes boast better reliability. By their nature, cloud services are not tied to a single machine. That means if a computer goes down, the service should not be affected.

The biggest issue to consider with cloud hosting services is their cost. Website owners can choose between on demand packages or paid upfront packages. The latter usually come with substantial discounts over the on demand packages.

Website owners who opt for on demand packages pay for access to resources only as they use them. This could be seen as both a positive and a negative feature. If demand on resources is very low, this can be a cheaper option than a traditional hosting package. On the other hand, if demand is very high, the costs can be enormous. Effectively, website owners are leaving themselves open to uncapped invoices at the end of each month.

Pros And Cons of Best Dedicated Hosting Solutions

For most website owners, dedicated hosting is likely to be the best option. Each hosting package offers sufficient resources to cope with the demands of the vast majority of websites. The most positive aspects of dedicated hosting packages is that their cost is fixed, and they are simple to set up. Additionally, most, if not all, of the server management is carried out by the hosting company. Even if the server begins to struggle under the demand, owners have the option to add more physical resources to it.

Host Server

The only real downsides to dedicated hosting are that their fixed fee structure means that, in some cases, owners may be paying for resources they are not using to the fullest. Secondly, dedicated servers are not automatically scalable.

The best dedicated server hosting packages will suffice for most website owners’ requirements. Owners will know exactly how much they need to spend each month on their hosting package, and they can also upgrade their server at any time. Websites that bring astronomical numbers of visitors each month will probably be better off using cloud services. At webdevel.com, our experts are on hand to help you with any upgrade requirements. You are welcome to contact them with any questions you have.

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