What Is A Great Cheap Dedicated Hosting Service For A Startup Web Site?

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Cheap Dedicated Hosting

Cheap Dedicated Hosting

If you want to build your own website, our cheap dedicated hosting services provide affordable options for any business or personal website you might be thinking about establishing.
Face it—marketing any kind of product or service or promoting your personal brand in social media depends on having a website that stays up and running 24/7. If you have an unreliable site, your business and reputation suffer. You can create a professional-quality website, separate your business and certain personal activities from your personal computer and home address, choose and register a domain name that describes your website and secure a dedicated hosting server that makes your files, products, blog posts and other informational files available to anyone connected to the Internet.

It doesn’t cost a fortune to establish a viable website with a cheap web host. Dedicated Web servers are available with us at low-cost prices to make your collection of files and Web pages available to anyone through Internet searches or directly accessing your Web address or URL. We do the heavy lifting by providing website templates that you can easily customize for your needs, researching and registering domain names and making your files available with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Cheap Dedicated Hosting

Web Hosting Options

Getting a website online requires using a server to connect to the Internet. You can find free options if you’re just building a website for fun as a hobby or experiment. These types of sites offer limited flexibility, slow connection speeds and often unreliable connections that frequently crash. If you’re serious about getting a reliable website online, our services help you do so at low prices.

Shared hosting plans are available for as little as $6.99 per month, but if you’re ready to get serious about marketing, getting a dedicated hosting server with one of our self-service, managed or fully managed plans will help you grow your business immediately with lightning-fast page loads, full administrative control of your site and unlimited scalability for business or website growth.

The business and personal marketing options of a website with a hosting dedicated server include:

Speeding page loads for eCommerce to prevent cart abandonment
Protecting your data from hacks and crashes
• Ability to edit your server files
Safeguarding your recovery from disasters with disk mirroring
• Provisioning your server within minutes to get your site up and running
• Providing multiple levels of service and support 24/7 for troubleshooting problems
• Protecting your eCommerce customers with Secure Socket Layer or SSL certificates

A dedicated server allows you to offer your customers advanced website features like product catalogs, shopping carts and other common features and apps of successful online stores. Our dedicated hosting server plans provide everything you need to take orders, receive payments and protect customers with SSL-encryption that establishes an encrypted link between your eCommerce website and each client.

Dedicated Hosting Server

Special Services Guarantee Your Personal Privacy, Security and Website Integrity

You can forward links from other domain names to your website to any site you designate with our forwarding service. The advantages of this service include separating different businesses, shortening your URL address to make it easier to remember, hiding the address of one site while still making its content available on another website and allowing search engines to find the relevant Title and Meta Tag information for search engine ranking purposes. Our marketing and hosting services include:

Forwarding and masking domain names to protect a site’s address
Appraising, researching and registering domain names
Email marketing
Website design services
• Managing WordPress
• Taking backorders for desirable domain names
Registering your business

Cheap Web Host

Websites that Earn Money

You can build a website for any personal, social or charitable purpose at an affordable cost with a hosting dedicated server that allows you to use your own domain name, gain greater search engine visibility and sell eCommerce goods, affiliate marketing products or specialized services like writing, providing landscape services, selling real estate or soliciting clients for personal-trainer, catering or personal chef services. You don’t have to make a product to start selling services on the Internet, and the options range from providing handyman services to keeping the books or providing payroll services for small businesses.

One creative way to make money that many people are discovering is reselling Internet services like domain name registrations and rentals, cheap dedicated hosting services and other Internet-marketing products for business and personal websites. Our features for hosting a resellers website include:

Hosting Dedicated Server

Marketing Guide to get you started quickly
Website Builder tools
Online storage options
• Providing an SSL certificate to protect your eCommerce business
• Handling all the necessary paperwork for registering domain names
• Enabling you to set your own prices without sharing revenue
• Generating a live site immediately after signing up for resellers service
• More than 50 marketing products to resell to customers

You can immediately begin earning commissions from your first day, even if you don’t know a lot about Internet marketing, websites, hosting and search engine optimization. Our cheap dedicated hosting services offer extraordinary benefits for getting your website online, ensuring privacy and security and reaching people on the Internet with a professionally designed and managed website.

Affordable Dedicated Server

Affordable Dedicated Server Benefits

The benefits of a dedicated hosting server over a shared server include higher stability, 24/7/365 access to your site and a stronger Internet presence. Using a shared server could result in your site being banned or downgraded in searches due to the spamming activities of other websites using the server. Using a dedicated server offers the following advantages:

Dedicated servers are mandatory for certain third-party marketing services, website widgets and apps.
• You can isolate your business from damaging practices and abuses that shared users might employ.
• You get complete control for managing and maintaining your site, whether you handle the administration yourself or outsource it to another administrator.
• You can run multiple applications and workloads.
• We handle the technical side of engineering, managing and maintaining your site and monitoring, patching and preserving your site’s infrastructure.
• You rent our services at low rates instead of facing large hardware and software capital expenses and the costs of maintaining your own dedicated server.
• You can establish your own security and compliance standards.
• Installing website apps is easy with our one-click installation process.

Cheap Dedicated Hosting

Getting a professional website online offers advantages for businesses, blogging enthusiasts, amateur hobbyists, resellers, charitable and community organizations, political causes and affiliate marketers.

Our engineers keep your site running 24/7 and protect your site from attacks and suspicious activities. Hosting a reliable website is a full-time job, but we make it easy to own a professional website with our user-friendly control panels, fast load times, monitoring and maintenance services and secure, SSL-encrypted eCommerce capabilities. Contact us to get your website online in minutes instead of waiting hours or days.

Affordable Dedicated Server

Affordable Dedicated Server

If you own a small business, want to start one or wish to build a stronger Internet presence through blogging and social media activity, getting cheap dedicated hosting could be critical to success. Our plans provide just the right support levels, bandwidth, processing power, domain-name management services and unlimited Web pages to establish you or your business as a powerful ranking force in Google and other search engine keyword searches.

Our plans include affordable options, cPanel management or Parallels® Plesk control panels and support services available online and by phone 24/7. Keep your site running with 99.9% guaranteed uptime, or we’ll refund your money.

Contact us today to compare hosting plans for Linux, Windows, CentOS, Fedora and Ubuntu operating systems, and get more from your website with cheap dedicated hosting.

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