Why Game Server Hosting Is A Must For Games Applications

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Game Server

Website owners whose websites generate large amounts of traffic already know that the only way to prevent costly logjams is to upgrade their hosting account to dedicated hosting. They know that they can manage the performance of their website better, and can respond quickly to any problems that crop up, such as page load times.

Slow page load times are a big problem for any website that wants to hold on to the visitors it has attracted. Visitors are the only source of income for any website, so every lost visitor represents a potential loss of revenue. Modern Internet users expect pretty much instant page loads, and they will not wait long if there is any delay. Even the most efficient website can experience occasional delays, and most informed surfers will recognize that. Nevertheless, surfers will quickly lose patience with a website that is continually slow to load, and they will stop navigating to it.

Game Server

When it comes to Game Server Hosting, delays that originate on the server are simply not an option, especially in multi-player games. Trying to play a game that is hosted on a slow or maxed out server is akin to trying to play one on a console or TV screen where the game continually stops and starts. Nobody likes that happening, and this level of performance will be totally unacceptable to players who want to take part in multi-player games.

Dedicated Game Server Hosting

Just as a standard commercial website will lose visitors if the website performance is poor, games websites will alienate visitors if the enjoyment of the games is diminished by continual freezes. The solution for commercial website owners is to move their website to a dedicated hosting option, and this is also the best option for those who use shared game server hosting.

Dedicated Hosting Service

In case you are hosting a gaming website and have any doubts about the need to use dedicated game server hosting, all you need to do is compare your requirements with a commercial website. You will then realize that if a commercial website owner feels it is necessary to move to a dedicated server, then a games website owner simply has no choice.

Commercial Websites

While there are many different types of website, a lot of commercial websites have many things in common. Visitors arrive at the site, and search for something they want to buy. They add items to their shopping cart, and eventually proceed to the checkout. There, their payment is processed. If their payment is valid, the order is completed.

During such a typical transaction, the server could be processing numerous other transactions at the same time. However, all these transactions will exist in their own little server world, and, with just one exception, have no impact or influence on any other transactions that are happening at the same time.

Actions That Affect Others

Dedicated Hosting Service
The only exception is where two or more customers want to purchase the same item at the same time. This is not a problem if there are more items in stock than the total number required by all the customers. If there is insufficient stock to satisfy each customer’s order, the system has to decline the request for one or more of them.

On a commercial website, this scenario is most often dealt with as part of the database manipulation. When the customer initially looks for an item, the database will be checked to see if the item is in stock. Once a customer elects to buy something, the database must be checked again. If the item is still available, the database must be locked (to prevent the item being sold to somebody else) until the customer’s transaction is completed. All of this happens in a very short time, and buyers will be unaware of anything any other customers on the same website is doing.

Performance Hits

It is sheer traffic volume that will eventually cause things to slow down. At the backend of most websites, there will be a single database in which all details like passwords, customer details, and stock information are held. As more and more people connect, the calls to the database increase, and the volume of data returned from the database also increases.

Game Server Hosting

If a commercial website is on a shared server, it has to further share all the resources with an indefinite number of other websites. That is clearly not a commercially wise thing to do, and most commercial website owners understand the benefits of having their own dedicated hosting service.

In contrast to the way in which visitors to commercial websites essentially work in their own space, when it comes to game servers, large numbers of visitors are interacting with each other via the server. If the server performance is not good enough, the games become something of a farce.


Lag is the term used for the delay between a player’s action and seeing the results of that action on screen. In principle, there is a straightforward sequence of events. The player initiates an action on his or her client machine. The action is transmitted via the Internet to the server. The server processes the request, implements it and returns the current game status to the client. Depending on the type of game being played, lag can be critical.

Game Servers

This simplistic explanation hides a far greater level of complexity but, for the purposes of explaining why dedicated game server hosting is a must, we will keep it very simple. If you plan on hosting games, you can be guaranteed that you will consistently get unacceptable levels of lag if you use shared hosting instead of your own game server.

Game Servers

Assuming that you accept it is necessary to use a dedicated server to overcome problems like this, you should also seriously consider opting for a package that is specifically designed for gaming applications.

Games Need Greater Resources

In general, gaming applications need more RAM than the comparatively simplistic commercial applications.
They also need a much higher CPU performance to cope with processing multiple requests simultaneously (or as near to simultaneously as computers can get).

The third biggest difference between gaming requirements and standard commercial website requirements is graphics processing power. The graphics component is one of the most important aspects of online games. However, the complex graphics found in gaming applications require enormous graphics processing power.

That level of power is rarely found on a server that is configured for commercial applications. Even if a commercial website includes video tutorials or high resolution graphics, the processing is done on the client machine. With dedicated game server hosting, owners can take advantage of more powerful graphics processing on the server, as well as faster CPU processing times and more RAM.

Game Server Hosting

Webdevel.com is a hosting company that can cater for all your needs, including game server hosting. This is recommended for gaming applications over shared hosting or standard dedicated hosting. Commercial website owners know that dedicated hosting is the best option for them, yet their customers’ interactions with the server tend to be completely isolated from each other.

With games applications, multiple interactions between players occur throughout the life of each multi-player game, increasing the demand on server resources. The only practical solution is to use dedicated game server hosting. Contact us today so that we can explain how we can help you.

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