Colocation Hosting Services Generate Special Business And Marketing Benefits

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Colocation Hosting

Colocation Hosting – Complete Control Over Your Data Center

Colocation hosting offers businesses an alternative way to keep complete control of their servers and websites while leasing server space in a protected, secure data center shared with other servers. You control all the administrative decisions and maintenance of your own equipment while getting a secure place for your server that has access to wide bandwidth, physical building security, environmental stability and multiple sources of energy should an emergency occur. You can keep your website up and running 99.999% of the time without paying for a building, security service, generator or UPS maintenance and other building costs. Contact us today for more information about our colocation and other hosting plans.

We know that getting a domain name and choosing a hosting plan for your website is just the beginning of your ongoing efforts to market products, provide information or connect with other people on the Web. Regardless of what you do with your website, you need to maintain it, add fresh content if you want to attract visitors and provide people with efficient services or information. Your hosting plan is critical to this process, and colocation hosting offers an array of benefits that suit many businesses, organizations and special projects.

What Is Colocation Hosting?

Regardless of website type, industry or project, each website in the vast Internet is hosted somewhere on a server that keeps the website up and running 24/7, provides enough bandwidth for the number of people who visit the website and allows the website’s owner to make changes to content, take orders, collect payments and handle other administrative tasks. Some companies maintain their own servers and host their own website or websites, but you can outsource these technical jobs to experts like in several ways.

Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting is the type of plan where our clients make all the decisions and handle administration. Our clients lease space in one of our off-site data centers to house their equipment. Our power, security and large bandwidth capacity allow you to achieve the five 9s that are the goal of most websites and companies: websites that run 99.999% of the time. Your customers don’t want to see messages that your website is unavailable no matter what time of day or day of the year. Keeping your website online 24/7/365 is a demanding job that we do exceedingly well because we provide the following advantages:

• We maintain the server environment at optimum conditions.
• Multiple power sources ensure uptime even if natural disasters strike.
• Our data centers are located in stable areas with few occurrences of hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes and other instabilities.
• You handle all administrative tasks while we provide the ideal server environment.
• Our clients get stability, minimal network latency and guaranteed uptime with a minimal investment when compared with what it would cost to provide these services for your server.
• You handle maintenance of your own equipment, which is often necessary to satisfy security concerns for many industries such as certain medical and financial services.
• Colocation hosting is an ideal solution if you own a business that’s vulnerable to foreign government interdiction.
• Use our services when you don’t want your servers located in a particular country or region for political or environmental reasons.

Servers Require Utmost Environmental Stability

Managed Dedicated Servers

Servers Require Utmost Environmental Stability

Our data centers provide a suitable and comfortable environment for servers to ensure that they don’t overheat and slow down due to power, temperature or bandwidth fluctuations. Each space is designed so that there is a place for every component of your server, and the server is placed near an exhaust outlet so that excess is heat is channeled away from heating the ambient air in the room. Our server rooms are password protected and monitored to ensure security from internal and external threats.

Uptime is important to your business goals and reputation with your customers. If visitors to your site frequently find that the site is unavailable, you lose business. Due to the global nature of many marketing businesses, there’s no “safe” time for repairs, maintenance and downtown—just relatively quieter times.

What About Cloud Hosting?

Server Colocation

We offer a full array of hosting services and even handle colocation hosting for servers that are part of the “cloud” infrastructure. The cloud consists of redundant servers placed in secure buildings in stable regions that handle data with strong internal firewalls and protections while the information is in transit. The same is true of our data centers and other hosting plans where we also handle administrative and maintenance functions. We handle the security involved in protecting your server just like servers that are part of the cloud. We can also offer advice and services for your “in-transit” security needs.

Understanding the Details of Colocation Hosting

We offer our clients many hosting options that include colocation hosting when it’s critical for companies to control their own servers for philosophical or regulatory reasons. You might not be able to afford to build a center that offers the kind of environmental, energy and security safeguards that your website and industry demand. When you maintain your own server building, you’re responsible for the following duties:

• Protecting the building from physical threats
• Managing the building and paying for energy, utilities, security, and repairs
• Maintaining backup generators
• Installing and maintaining redundant HVAC systems to prevent servers from overheating
• Internal security
• Ensuring network access

Managed Dedicated Servers

We handle all these pesky details that have to be monitored and implemented every day of the year to keep your website online. You’re responsible for server installation, ongoing maintenance, repairs and upgrades. However, we can help with some of those administrative tasks—like registering domain names, researching domains and designing websites. You can use these services if you choose or simply handle everything internally except maintaining the space where your server is located and providing building security, bandwidth access and uninterrupted energy.

Other Hosting Plans Are Available

If you don’t want to hire staff, buy a server or send people to our data center for maintenance, we offer plenty of other website hosting plans with unlimited bandwidth and free software. We offer managed dedicated servers and server rentals that still allow customers to control their businesses and websites. We also offer other plans for shared and dedicated hosting. Regardless of whether you opt for server colocation hosting, a managed dedicated server plan, server rental or a shared plan, we always offer technical support and support services that are designed to get and keep your website online.

Server Rental

Choosing the Right Plan for Your Business

In today’s competitive environment, every company is looking for efficiencies of scale that can save them money while customers are demanding greater services, stable bandwidth and websites that can provide more user services. If you do business in a region where power is expensive, governments are unstable, power outages are common or natural disasters occur frequently, it makes sense to locate your server in an area that’s stable, secure and safe from most risks.

Server Colocation

Companies are expected to do more with less, and colocation hosting provides an excellent way to cut costs while maintaining your standards. You avoid the costs of building a secure facility to maintain a single server, and our data centers provide increased bandwidth, better scaling, redundant energy sources, lower latency and specialized services that you would probably forego if you had to pay for them yourself. Contact us today for information about our colocation hosting or other hosting service packages.

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