Why Consider Email Hosting For Your Business

Let’s face it. Email is a very important service for any business online.

Before cellular phones and the social media became popular, the email provided businesses with a means to communicate with customers and other business contacts. In order for email to work, the data has to be stored in an email hosting server connected to the Internet.

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Today, the email is what we use to:

• Communicate with clients, customers, or business partners

• Sign up for online membership

• Login to important applications

• Access email marketing services

Before creating an email address, we often spend a lot of time thinking about where to keep our email. For personal emails, people tend to use free email accounts provided by companies like Google and Yahoo. However, when people go into business, they often switch to paid email services. 

Business email accounts should carry your company’s website address along with it. This makes the email account more professional, business-like and trustworthy. While Google and Yahoo may provide secure email service, having another company name on your email address may not be the best idea, especially if you want to strengthen your brand identity. 

Why is free mail hosting not enough?

If you are using an account from a free email provider, then you may have to switch to using your own business domain name for your email address. Although free email accounts allow you to communicate with your business partners, customers, or clients, there are certain advantages of having your own business email. 

Using your own domain name on your email address may indicate that you are a legitimate business and that you can be trusted to be connected to the company bearing the domain name used. Remember that there are many fake businesses that make use of free email accounts. If you use free email accounts to contact potential business partners or customers, your email may go straight to spam or may be disregarded by the recipients.

Why Use Email Hosting

If you are a startup business with a domain name, you can start enjoying the benefits of having your own personal brand of email.

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However, you need to find a good email hosting provider to host your emails for you. At WebDevel, we provide you with a highly reliable email host for email storage.  If you want a secure email hosting account, then check out our services and start enjoying personalized emails for your business.

First of all, you can build your business identity with our email hosting service. With an email account that uses your own domain name, you can catch the attention of your customers and let them remember the name of your business. With every email you send, you reinforce your marketing and branding efforts. Remember that your domain name is your business identity as well. If customers see your business name on your email address, they will easily recognize you the next time you send them an email. 

Second, enjoy the security features our email hosting service provides. The system ensures that all your incoming emails are scanned to protect you from phishing, malware, and spyware attacks. Keep spam emails away and get only the email you want to read. If there are email threats, our security staff will respond to them 24/7.

Third, receive customer service 24/7. If you are stuck with an email issue, our customer care consultants are always ready to respond to any queries. Our U.S.-based customer service representatives will provide you with the right answer to get you back on track. 

Fourth, experience the convenience of our email access. You can check your emails on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. You may also opt to check your emails on a variety of web interfaces of your choice. Keep yourself up-to-date with your email hosting service and experience ease of access anytime and anywhere. 

Add a Personal Touch 

Do you want to add a personal touch to your email by using your domain name? Many business owners today make use of their own domain names in their email addresses. This does not only enhance business identity, but adds to trustworthiness as well. All you need is a domain name and a reliable email hosting provider. 

Distinguish Business Departments

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It is important for customers and interested business contacts to distinguish the contact email addresses of the different departments of your company. Good examples include:

• support@companyname.com

• sales@companyname.com

• accounting@companyname.com

With a personalized email, you can create easily identifiable email addresses for the different departments in your company. This way, your customers and other business contacts can easily determine which email address to send to. 

Email Marketing Services

Some of the email marketing services online only allow private business email addresses. If you do not own a business email yet, you have to use an email hosting account to create one right away. Remember that email marketing is one of the best ways to increase your customer base and keep your customers up-to-date with your latest news, products, and product updates. 

Email hosting allows you to create professional email addresses that you can use in your email marketing campaigns. Every time your customers receive your email, they will see your domain name and will remember it. Keep in mind that repetition is a key factor to successful marketing. Every time your customers see your company name on your email address, it will eventually stick to their memory. 

Email Management

Although an email hosting provider will keep your email data on a server, it is still best to have copies of your email on your computer or mobile device. This allows you to browse at important emails even when you are not online. Hence, consider using the Thunderbird or Outlook email platforms. These platforms allow you to manage multiple email accounts on your computer. You can also save the data just in case you need to browse them offline. 

Opening multiple email accounts can be a chore. If you own various accounts for your personal and business emails, then you should consider using an email management system like Outlook. There are also similar applications that allow you to manage multiple email addresses on your phones, tablets and other mobile devices. 

Final Considerations

Keep in mind that your business emails are essential for your business. If you are not using your domain name on your email address, then better start using it now. However, be sure that you choose a reliable email hosting provider like WebDevel.com. We keep your emails safe from attacks and make sure all your emails get sent to their recipients at all times. 

Emails are very essential to businesses today. It is the mode of communication that allows people to transact and do business online. However, if you are not using your domain name for your email address, better start now. Having a personalized business email address enhances your brand identity, helps in the marketing effort, and increases your trustworthiness.

For personalized business emails to work, you need a reliable email hosting service. With this type of service, you can begin using your own domain name as your email brand. In addition, you can add a personal touch to your emails and create distinguishing email addresses for your company departments.

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