Affordable Web Hosting - 8 Key Resources To Check Out

8 Key Resources To Check Out When Looking For Affordable Web Hosting

Posted - 11:10 am

Affordable Web Hosting While website owners will be keen to find affordable web hosting, choosing the right hosting company is not simply a matter of looking for the cheapest service available. The lowest priced services will usually be very limited in what they offer. If you opt for one of them, you can end up spending a lot of time sorting out problems instead of promoting your business. Hosting companies need resources in place to ensure a reliable service. Those resources cost money. The cheapest hosting companies simply cannot afford top-class resources, so their reliability suffers. You can find your downtime is beyond acceptable levels. Many low-cost hosting services have very poor security, and are vulnerable to hacker attacks and frequent server crashes. Even when the servers are up, you may find that your website is taken down completely because you have unknowingly breached a hosting limit. Some hosts will replace your website pages with a message about your account that presents your business in a very poor light. Problems will inevitably crop up, and when they do, you need to be able to get them sorted out as quickly as possible. You need to opt for a service that provides 24/7 support. The level of support offered by budget hosting services is just not good enough for commercial website owners. To protect yourself from having a constant issue with your web host, you need to do some advance planning. There are several important considerations that must be applied when selecting a web hosting service. If you are shopping around for a host, you need to know exactly what resources your website will need. The resources required will be dependent on the purpose for which the website is being set up. For example, a personal website with a small number of static pages will need fewer resources than a full-blown, commercial website. The following are the key resources used by websites. As you will see, many of these are subject to restrictions and limitations that can result in problems for your website, and cause you to lose business. 1. Bandwidth Bandwidth is the amount of data sent from your website to browsers each month. It can be extremely difficult to calculate this accurately, because there are unknown factors. You cannot know in advance how much traffic your website will attract. You might also be unable to predict what actions visitors will carry out when they land on your site. If you set up an online store, some visitors may look up many different products, while others may be interested in only a single product. Similarly, if a visitor proceeds to purchase, that visitor will use up more bandwidth than one who buys nothing. When searching for affordable web hosting, you must find out the host’s regulations on bandwidth, especially what happens if your website exceeds the allocated bandwidth. If this happens, some hosts shut your website down until the start of the next month. This is clearly not acceptable for […]