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When To Choose Asp Net Hosting

Posted - 1:20 pm

Understanding ASP NET Hosting A web hosting company provides computers, more usually referred to as servers, that are connected to the Internet. When you want to make your website visible to surfers, the easiest way to do so is to sign up for a hosting account with a web hosting company. You then copy the code and all the other files associated with your website, such as images and videos, on to the web host’s servers. The two most widely used operating systems on web hosting servers are Linux and Windows. The latter is the best choice for ASP.NET hosting. If your website does not run any ancillary programs on the server, then your choice of server operating systems is irrelevant. Simple sites that are built using just HTML, for example, will perform equally well on both platforms. Similarly, if your web pages run client-side scripting programs such as Javascript, the server operating system is irrelevant. That is because these programs run on the surfer’s computer rather than on the server. All but the simplest websites usually require some kind of program to run on the server. When a web page uses PHP, the PHP program runs on the server. It generates an HTML version of the page, and then sends that back to the browser. A common usage of server programs is to verify usernames and passwords before permitting access to particular areas of a website. Two of the most popular web-orientated programming languages are PHP and ASP.NET. The former is an open-source language built specifically to run on Linux servers, while the latter is a Microsoft proprietary language designed initially to run on Windows servers. In the relatively recent past, PHP programs could only run on Linux, and ASP hosting was possible only on Windows servers. Additionally, the two most popular databases used on web servers, namely MySQL and SQL Server, could only run on a specific operating system. The former needed Linux and the latter Windows. Today, it is possible to run PHP programs on Windows servers, and it’s possible to run ASP.NET programs on Linux servers. MySQL has a Windows version. SQL Server can run on Linux, although not directly. However, there are still good reasons why it’s best to use ASP .NET web hosting if your website is built using ASP. 1. Compatibility Every program running on any computer has to interact with the operating system. The best way to visualize this if you are not a programmer is to think of the operating system as a boss whose first language is English. Now, think of a web application program as somebody who has to work under the supervision of this boss. If the web application program uses Spanish as its first language, there are clearly going to be communication problems. It may be possible to smooth things over by using an interpreter so that the two can communicate. However, this adds overhead, and slows down communications. It also increases the potential for errors. Using […]