Business Web Hosting - Complete Guide

A Complete Guide To Choosing The Right Business Web Hosting Plan

Posted - 10:12 am

Business Web Hosting Selecting the right business web hosting for your company is an important part of ensuring that you will capture your share of the online market. E-commerce is growing faster than ever before, and many customers complete the majority of their retail transactions with online merchants. Even if you don’t sell any products, having the right web hosting provider for the operation of your website. What Web Hosting Companies Do For Your Business Web hosting companies “host” your website and make it available on the Web. Think of web hosting as a valet service. You “park” your website on the lot (the server) until someone comes along to visit. When a person requests your site, either by typing in the address or searching for your content, the server “delivers” your page to your customer. Having the right business web hosting plan for your company is critical to keeping your site available at all times. How Important is Choosing the Right Hosting Plan? Choosing the right business web hosting service is the most important element of your website, hands down. If your server is down, people can’t access your page or support your business. Not having an adequate web hosting plan can sink your business. Loss of Sales and Revenue An outage can hurt a large business and all but kill a small one. If your customers visit your site and it is down, they will simply go to another site. If you think they will simply return when your site is up and running again, think again. Your customers may decide that they like your competitors better. If you are selling products, a down server will cost you sales. Poor Web Presence SEO, or search engine optimization, is crucial to maintaining your presence on the Web. If a customer searches for your site and you are experiencing downtime, the search engines will take note of this and punish you with lower rankings. This will adversely affect your site’s visibility on the Web. Imagine spending many hours and dollars boosting your presence online only to have your site slip in ranking due to a poor web hosting provider. Not a good picture. Even if your site isn’t down frequently, the search engine will decide that your host isn’t reputable and still punish you with lower rankings. Guilt by association of sorts. Having a reliable web hosting plan will eliminate these factors. Security Breaches and Loss of Data If your web hosting provider backs up your pages on a secure server, you can be assured that you will be protected from malware, viruses and other security breaches. While you can still be the victim of hacking, backed up data means your provider can quickly and easily restore your data. Technical Support Issues If there is a problem with your site, you will want to be able to contact technical support quickly. A reliable web hosting service will have technical support representatives that are available to resolve your issues quickly. Remember […]