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Cheap website hosting refers to availability of web hosting services at low prices. Cheap host does not necessarily mean cheap or compromised services as some hosts offer great services at low prices. The success of any business or personal blogs depends on a number of factors; the major ones being reliable hosting and content. Web hosting refers to the processes and infrastructure that allow people broadcast their websites on the World Wide Web (WWW) via the Internet. The choice of a web host should be based on a number of factors depending on how urgent or important it is for a website to be accessible 24/7, availability of customer support, bandwidth, availability of domain names, cost, disk space/ storage limits, and security of data among other factors. What are some good website hosting services for startups? Are you new to the Internet, and want to start a small business, blog or something whose online presence will be massive at some point in its life? You have come to the right place. There are many web hosts, but we are one of those that offer you the cheapest hosting you can come across. Basic startups’ website hosting services include a reliable and high uptime (availability of the website online), reasonable bandwidth (to allow you utilize as much data as you need), customer support (for any queries or support you may need) and sample disk space for your cloud storage. As a web host, we guarantee unlimited bandwidth, reliability, and site security among others stellar features. Who provides cheap website hosting for websites? So you have decided to launch your online presence and are wondering where to start looking for a cheap website hosting service provider. Cheap web hosting is provided by companies that own servers, through which data can be sent and accessed from the websites, via the Internet. Cheap web hosting service providers give people various web hosting options depending on their need for Internet presence, website security and data size among other factors. The first simplest and cheapest web hosting is Shared Web Hosting where businesses or people share a server that is managed by the web hosting provider. This hosting has minimal security and customization features; extreme use of the server by one user can affect the performance of other users’ websites. The second is a VPS (Virtual Private Server) which is almost similar to shared hosting, except website owners get allocated a portion of the server, where they can control their data and manage their own security. The third hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, gives a website owner absolute control of the server (which he can manage or have a web host provider manage for him or her), hence has absolute security, capacity to handle any magnitude of data and data transfers, as well as ability to be customized as the website owner desires. About WebDevel, LLC. We, at, offer one of the cheapest web hosting plans available. Not only do we have a variety of cheap […]