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Who Is Domain Searches Reveal Personal Information

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Who Is Domain searches can reveal personal and family information about your business. The commonly used WhoIs Domain protocol allows anyone with computer skills to research information that is maintained by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN. You can protect your identity, privacy and domain name and prevent cyber-stalking, spam, data-mining and other related risks of having your information widely available to anyone. We can register your domain name privately at WebDevel.com and keep your identity hidden from public searches. Our Private Domain Registration Offers Business and Personal Website Benefits Choosing us to register or host your website and opting for private registration ensure that your private information stays private. Unless you use your home address and phone number for your business, there’s no upside to revealing personal information to the world. Giving out your address and personal details because you own a blog or hobby site is risky. The benefits of domain privacy include: • You keep control of your domain and can cancel, sell or renew it. • Private registrations don’t affect your ability to control your website content, update contact information and resolve disputes. • You can shield your business decisions from hackers and competitors. • Using a reliable host and registrar prevents your domain from hijacking and domain-related spamming. • If you’re using a website for personal reasons instead of business, you can protect your privacy and stop data-mining and spam. • Protect your privacy, and keep your home address and identity from being available to stalkers, criminals, identity thieves and aggressors. Who Owns a Domain Name? Aside from the philosophical argument that nobody owns a domain name but only rents it, your WhoIs Domain research might show that it’s someone else who really owns your domain. Hosting companies, through ignorance or ill-intent, sometimes register domains in their own names in hosting situations. This situation could lead to the company holding your domain hostage to prevent you from switching to another provider. A determined entrepreneur might offer to buy the domain at an inflated price, and your hosting company could sell it. You can protect your domain by conducting a domain WhoIs search to see if your information is correct. If your name is not listed as the owner or other mistakes, then you can usually get the information corrected by logging into your account. If you can’t, ask your host to correct the inaccurate information. If the company refuses, you might need to take legal action. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll prevail in court. Legitimate and Unscrupulous Reasons for Who Is Domain Research Some domain names are more popular than others because they’re easier for customers to remember or perfect fits for certain business entities. That’s why there is a market for buying underutilized domains and reselling domains for profit. Since people don’t really own domains but lease them, several problems can arise about who owns domain. Unscrupulous companies can try to hijack the domain and webmasters might forget to […]

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WebDevel.com Is A Reliable Domain Lookup Service

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Many people think of the internet as a kind of a “Wild West” of information. It’s true that anonymity is a major part of operating online, but it’s also a part of online operation that is slowly fading away. While many sites require registration with your real name and personal identification, it can still be particularly difficult for a private citizen or a business to get the information that they need online. This is where a domain lookup comes in – as an important tool for those who need to peek behind the veil of internet anonymity to contact those who are really behind sites on the web. To understand the importance of a domain lookup, though, you have to start at the beginning – by understand not only what a domain name represents online, but also by understanding how lookups work. What is a Domain? As you begin your journey to finding out more about domains, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re looking for. After all, a journey towards a specific type of knowledge is particularly useless if you are not sure where you are heading. Fortunately, understanding what a domain is and what it can do is actually quite simple – and it can help you to understand why a safe and secure domain lookup may be an important part of your future. At its core, a domain is a website’s address on the internet. It is the place where the site is located, and the string of characters that a user inputs in order to be taken to a particular site. Most people think of a domain as a .com address – look at webdevel.com as an example. As the internet has grown and changed, though, there have been many new players on the scene. The .com domain may still be the most popular, but one can just as easily see a .net domain, a .org domain, or even a .eu domain. It is important to realize that not only does every site on the internet have a domain name, but that name is an important source of information for those who want to know more about the site’s owner. Like a house’s address, this name can be used to find out more about the person who owns it. What is a Domain Lookup? A domain lookup – generally called a Whois Lookup – is very similar to checking out a phone book when you want to get the information about a person at a specific phone number. This sort of search helps you to bring up a great deal of information about both the owner and the website, and can help you to figure out exactly what you need to know in a relatively short amount of time. Lookups are extremely common online, yet they tend to be performed only by individuals who are investigating websites for one of a few specific purposes. Looking up a domain generally requires going to a specific website and […]