FTP Hosting

Here’s Why You Need FTP Hosting

Posted - 5:30 pm

Most people hear the words ftp hosting and wonder what it is and whether it will be useful for their business or not. Trust us when we tell you it is the most important tool for your business. Read on to find out why. Most businesses these days are not restricted to any geographical boundaries. If you are running a business like that, then you already know the importance of collaboration. There are many ways to collaborate online. There are websites like Google Drive that let you upload and share files and documents amongst your employees. However, that is simply not as powerful at sharing files as FTP is. It stands for file transfer protocol, and it is an excellent way of sharing large files easily and effortlessly between you and your employees. It is a global platform. Also, you do not have to worry about file sizes since FTP supports files as large as the server disk can hold. What Should I Look For in FTP Hosting? You should definitely research the following before buying into any FTP hosting service. First, you have to check the reliability of the host that you are going to buy from. The hardware the host uses has to be of top-notch quality. It must also have good peering with the major providers and redundant power systems. This will ensure that you get the highest speeds possible; also, your FTP server will not go down so easily even if they have no power. A good monitoring system should be present to check server and network systems periodically for any errors. If your host has this, you can be rest assured that you will get the best possible service out of them. We offer all of the above in our best in-class data center. Our data centers have full BGP peering the major providers out there; they also have fully redundant power systems that are coupled with air conditioning systems—this ensures that our servers are running at all times and are not susceptible to overheating. On top of that, our data centers have advanced fire protection systems. This is connected to our integrated monitoring system that checks our servers and network for any errors. It notifies us of any errors immediately, letting us take quick action whenever possible. We always have on-site data center staff to make certain that things are taken care of as soon as possible. The next thing you should look for is required bandwidth. This depends on the size of the files and the amount of times you will transfer them back and forth between your business and the FTP server. Keeping that in mind, you should look for at least a couple of hundreds of gigabytes of data transfer. This should be matched with sufficient disk storage that will range from a couple of gigabytes to terabytes. Having said that, we offer hosting plans that start with a minimum of a hundred gigabytes and goes up to unlimited space. Yes, […]