Installing WordPress

The Reasons Why You Need To Install WordPress

Posted - 4:40 pm

When anyone says ‘blog’, the first word that comes to our mind is “WordPress.” It is the best blogging software available right now; it is also used by many companies as a complete content management system, too. Using WordPress is not difficult. In fact, it is the most user intuitive and easy to use blogging software you can install on your server right now. Here is what you will get when you install WordPress on your hosting package. The Latest Blogging Technology WordPress is packed with the very latest in blogging technology. Its user interface has been redesigned recently from the ground up to be faster, more efficient, and much easier to use than before. It offers a powerful interface through which you can post text, photos, videos, and more in absolutely no time at all. Additionally, WordPress comes with a feature rich media interface where you can upload your own photos and videos from your computer. It loads very fast and processes multimedia very quickly. WordPress has a lot of tools which can be used to engage your readers. You can use ratings, contact forms, polls, and a whole bunch of other cool features to get in touch with your visitors. On top of that, sharing on social media is much easier and smoother than other blogging software. You can easily post links to your blog using Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn without having to log on to each service every single time. If you install WordPress, you are ensured to get the latest updates. WordPress has a built-in updater that checks for the latest updates. It will notify you once an update is available, and offer you the chance to update with just one click. The server then downloads it and applies it, letting you focus on other tasks in the meantime. Extend Your WordPress The greatest thing about a WordPress install is that you do not even have to log in to it to post content to your blog. WordPress is easily extended through plug-ins. You can install desktop software to post content from anywhere in the world. You can also post content from your smartphone and tablet. On top of that, plug-ins allow you to extend the interface, add new functionality, and do even more. A lot of plug-ins are already available and can be downloaded from various places on the Internet. However, you do not even need to leave your WordPress installation to find new plug-ins. WordPress has a built-in interface for finding and installing plug-ins. You can search for specific types of plug-ins you want and install without having to use FTP or other complicated methods. You can also change the look and feel of your blog through themes. Many free themes are available, but if you want extremely professional and customized solutions, you can find premium themes, too. The latter cost money but are certainly worth it when it comes to giving your website a shiny, professional look that will handily impress your visitors. […]