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5 Good Reasons For Personal Websites Using Low Cost Web Hosting

Posted - 6:20 pm

Low Cost Web Hosting Every business should have a website. A website provides an excellent, cost-effective way to promote a business. Businesses that sell products or services can set up online stores to increase their market reach. Even small, start-up businesses can exploit this opportunity. We offer low cost web hosting at the most competitive rates. Our Economy plan is easily within the reach of even those with the most modest budgets. The vast majority of websites are built for commercial purposes. They may generate revenue directly, or they may play a key part in a business’s marketing strategy. However, there are good reasons why you might want to consider setting up a personal website, the purpose of which may not be strictly commercial. Here, we look at some of these reasons. Building a family website At first glance, it may seem a strange idea to build a family website. After all, there are several social networking sites that allow you to keep in contact with friends and relatives. However, social networking sites give you little control over how your content is displayed. All of your contacts will be getting a constant stream of posts, messages, images etc. from every one of their contacts. That means finding photos of a great family event becomes a bit of a challenge. It is easy to create a simple family website where you can upload your photos and index the page they are on. You can then share the link with your social network contacts. The photos will always be in the same place, so there is no searching required. Unless you are among the first to sign up with email providers, you can end up with an email address that will be impossible for your friends or family to remember. You may have something like tomjones12198@myemail.com. If you set up your own family website, you can use the email facilities that come with the site to create easily remembered email addresses. Here at webdevel.com, our low cost web hosting Economy package is ideal for this purpose. You can choose between Windows shared hosting or Linux based hosting plan. Each Economy plan lets you create up to 100 email accounts with your website domain name following the “@” sign. For example, if your domain name is mysite.com, you can create an email account tomjones@mysite.com. This is much more memorable than the first example. Clubs The most successful clubs are those that fully engage their members. In every club, some members will be more active than others. Less active members can often feel sidelined if they miss out on what is happening at the club because they are unable to attend often. One very easy way to keep everybody abreast of the latest developments is to avail of low-cost web hosting and build a club website.  The website can be used to post details of events and competitions, the minutes of committee meetings, and the plans for the future. There are countless benefits from […]