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The New Web Domains And You

Posted - 2:00 pm

There are many new web domains out there, many of which serve purposes far different from the class .com addresses. If you are ready for your business to compete in a new and changing marketplace, you need to take the time to discover just how these new web domains can be used. With a little work, you should find that these new domain extensions can bring your business new opportunities and allow you to market your business in a way that you may never have dreamed possible. The Business Domains Some of the new web domains are particularly useful for making a statement about your business. Sure, these changes to the web domain names that many have come to know and love might look a bit confusing at first, but they’re actually great from a branding standpoint. Look at something as simple as the .tv domain – it took a bit to take off, but it now exists as a tried and true extension that has helped many brands to expand. If you are looking to expand the reach of your business, it can’t hurt for you to check out some of the new extensions that are meant for businesses. New domain extensions that work particularly well for businesses include: .FOUNDATION Improve the world with .FOUNDATION. .ESTATE Plan ahead with .ESTATE. .PHOTOGRAPHY .PHOTOGRAPHY increases your exposure. .VENTURES Launch your next project with .VENTURES. .GURU Offer guidance with .GURU. .HOLDINGS Take stock in .HOLDINGS. .EQUIPMENT .EQUIPMENT says you’ve got the goods. .CONSTRUCTION Lay a solid foundation with .CONSTRUCTION. .GRAPHICS Attract attention with .GRAPHICS. .TECHNOLOGY .TECHNOLOGY is for the techie in you. .ENTERPRISES Say you mean business with .ENTERPRISES. .CAREERS Put .CAREERS to work for you. .COMPANY .COMPANY says you’re in business. .DOMAINS The future looks bright for .DOMAINS. .MANAGEMENT Take charge with .MANAGEMENT. .SYSTEMS Develop a strong Web presence with .SYSTEMS. .REPAIR Fix it with .REPAIR. .INSTITUTE .INSTITUTE commands respect. .MARKETING Promote your services with .MARKETING. .AGENCY Let .AGENCY represent you online. .PRODUCTIONS Lights, camera, .PRODUCTIONS! .PARTNERS Team up with .PARTNERS. .COMMUNITY Build a .COMMUNITY online. .PARTS Sell .PARTS on the web. .SUPPLY Equip them with .SUPPLY. .SUPPLIES Keep the world stocked with .SUPPLIES. .INDUSTRIES .INDUSTRIES says you produce. .TOOLS Craft a strong web presence with the right .TOOLS. .CONSULTING .CONSULTING says knowledge. .SERVICES Promote your .SERVICES on the web. .EXCHANGE Trade up to .EXCHANGE. .LEASE .LEASE your own space on the web. .MEDIA Attract an audience with .MEDIA. .ASSOCIATES Team up with .ASSOCIATES. .BUSINESS Tell the world you mean .business. .FINANCIAL .financial says you manage money. .NETWORK Expand your .network online. .ATTORNEY Make your case with .attorney. .SOFTWARE Tell them you ❤ code with .software. .HOSTING Build the web with .hosting. .PROPERTY Claim your .property on the web. .AUCTION Find bidders with .auction. Help Domains Next time you look into web domain registration, take a moment to consider whether your site has something to offer people on the educational side of things. If it does, you might want to consider […]