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5 Reasons To Choose Our Web Page Hosting

Posted - 12:10 pm

Tech savvy individuals or businesses that are planning to publish new websites sometimes debate about whether they should use third party web page hosting companies, or set up their own web page hosting servers. Here at webdevel.com, we believe our third party hosting service offers so many advantages over self-hosting that the decision should be a no-brainer. Here are 5 reasons why website publishers should opt for our web page hosting service. 1. Web Page Hosting Security It is unlikely that any computer user in the modern era is unaware of the problems caused by malicious software. Viruses, Trojan horses, worms, key loggers and other malicious applications may be used to sneakily gather data from unsuspecting computer users. They can also be used for more serious and costly purposes. They can permit sensitive data to fall into the hands of crooks who will use that data to fraudulently withdraw money from compromised bank accounts, or to carry out identity theft. What makes home or office computers particularly vulnerable is that most of them are now connected to the Internet, which exposes them to remote hacking attacks. Web servers are also computers, and they too are potential targets for hackers. That is why security is so important. In fact, security is such a critical issue that it would be foolhardy to leave it in the hands of anybody who is less than an expert in the field. Secondly, the threats and risks are continually evolving, and those people who are tasked with managing security must constantly upgrade their knowledge and their tools to keep abreast of the latest hazards. This is something the average website owner would have neither the time nor the skill to administer personally. The best shared web hosting companies, just like ours, will have all the expertise and the software tools available to constantly monitor and fight off hacking attempts. They can attain a level of security that is simply beyond the resources and capabilities of a non-skilled individual. Spam emails may be simply a scatter-gun approach to marketing, and, as such, are more of a nuisance than a security threat. However, spam emails are often used as the means by which malicious software is distributed. Malicious software can be embedded in email attachments. Alternatively, these emails may include links to malicious websites. Upon clicking on one of these links and connecting to a malicious website, surfers are essentially opening the door to dangerous downloads. Spammers use a variety of tricks to distribute their unwanted emails in a way that gets past spam filters. One such way is to access other people’s accounts and send emails from them. The account owners may be totally unaware that their email accounts are being used in this way. Email addresses that are identified as the source of spam email messages can end up being blacklisted. That means that legitimate emails from them may be blocked. Another possibility is that the email address from which the spam is coming can be […]