Are you having a difficult time choosing which web hosting is right for you?

Choosing the best web hosting service can sometimes become a complex issue. As a customer, you do not only want to get the most affordable service for your hosting needs, but the right one as well. That is what we aim to help you with and this article will guide you towards a well-informed decision.

First of all, we want to get you acquainted with the different types of web hosting options you can choose from:

Shared Hosting

The reason this hosting option is so called is because you share the same hosting server with many other customers. The server is the computer that stores all customers’ websites. This web hosting option is designed for customers on the budget. The prices for the service vary depending on factors such as the number of websites you need to host, storage requirements, and other concerns. The prices are very affordable. With less than $4.00 a month, you can start hosting your very own website and enjoy unlimited bandwidth.Web Hosting



• Very affordable
• Excellent way to start learning the fundaments of running a website
• Installing blogging platforms and web applications is very easy
• Does not require advanced technical knowledge to operate


• Some websites hosted on the server may cause other sites to perform slower
• It may not be a reliable option for more complex websites and ecommerce stores
• May pose a security risk

It now comes down to one question.

When should I use shared web hosting?

If you are planning on hosting a personal website that does not require complex website features like membership login, payment processing, running live applications, and the like, then shared hosting may be the most cost-efficient option. You may also use this option to host a blog, a portfolio, a photo gallery, a simple company profile, and other simplistic website needs.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers

VPS and dedicated servers are top level web hosting options. When you choose a dedicated server, you rent the entire server for your sole use only. This means that you can control every feature of the server and use all of its resources for your own needs. When a dedicated server is virtually subdivided into multiple independent units, each unit is called a VPS. A VPS runs like a dedicated server, but on a smaller scale. Think of the dedicated server as renting an entire house and the VPS as renting an apartment unit.

Web Hosting Servers


• You can host unlimited domains
• It is the fastest web-hosting option
• You can customize the server according to your needs
• Very low security risks


• Can be very expensive for startups
• Requires a high level of technical knowledge
• May not be suitable for small-scale web hosting needs

Dedicated hosting can be very expensive, so it should only be used if your current web hosting plan cannot meet your web hosting demands. If you want to shift from shared to dedicated, you may want to start with a virtual private server first. Our virtual private servers provide almost the same features as our full-scale dedicated servers, but only at a fraction of the cost.

Making the Transition from One Web Hosting Option to the Next

There are various websites on the Internet that provide free hosting options and they do provide a good starting point for people who want to learn what hosting is all about. Free hosting does allow you to start your own blog or business website. However, your resources would be very limited. If you are really serious about running your own website and using a domain name that is truly yours, then you may want to start with a paid hosting option. If you are on a budget, then you can always start with shared hosting.

As was mentioned earlier, our shared web hosting service provides you with all your basic hosting needs. If you want to run a simple blogging site, portfolio, company profile, or gallery, then choose shared. This option is the cheapest you can get. However, if you plan to run a business website that demands higher bandwidth, more storage space, and faster server performance, then you want to start with VPS first.


If your websites start becoming a lot more popular on the Internet, you may notice lags in performance. This can become the case if your sites attract thousands of visitors in a day. If you think that the shared hosting option no longer suits your web hosting needs, then you may want to move to a better option. The next best thing is the VPS.

As a web hosting provider, we offer a variety of webhosting options to satisfy the demands of our customers. It can be difficult to gauge how much server resources you actually need. If you choose to transition directly to a dedicated hosting plan, you may discover that you may not actually use all the inclusive features. As a web hosting company, we recommend that you start with our VPS service before going full scale on dedicated servers.

After using VPS for quite some time, you can then decide if dedicated hosting is required. Remember that dedicated hosting is the most expensive web hosting service that we provide. However, it is also the fastest and most reliable option any hosting provider can offer. Before making the transition, determine the average bandwidth your websites require in a month. Know how much storage space you need as well. If you are having problems determining your current server resource needs, we can always lend you a hand.

Bottom Line

To run a reliable website, you need a dependable hosting service. However, it can be hard to pick a hosting plan that will satisfy your needs. If you want to run a simple website that does not require running complicated software or any other complex web processes, then a shared hosting plan is the most cost-efficient choice. For businesses that require better bandwidth capacity, storage space, and higher security, the virtual private server may provide the best solution. It would be wise to start with VPS before transitioning to higher level dedicated server hosting. The most dependable option would be to choose dedicated server hosting, but it should only be reserved for those who really need the extra features.

Are you really serious about running your own personal or commercial website? If you are, then we offer some of the best webhosting services you can find on the Internet. At Webdevel, we do not only focus on providing the best hosting service. We also aim to help our customers choose the right hosting option for their specific needs.

We invite you to take a look at our various services and determine which hosting service is best for you. If you run into a decision dilemma, do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you choose the right hosting plan.