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Buy Domain Name

Buy Domain Name

Every shrewd businessperson knows the value of using various online methods to promote the business. One of the most useful ways to do so is to build a website that gives people lots of information about a business, provides several different ways to contact the business, and showcases the products or services. Many websites also provide a means for people to buy products or services directly from the site. You can buy domain name variations to help people find your website.

Buy Domain Names

The procedure to buy domain names is very simple and straightforward. All you need to do is have your credit card ready. Go into our Register Domains option and type in the name you want to register. You need to come up with a unique name, but we make that easy. When you type in your chosen name, we will instantly check to see if it’s available. If it is, you can go ahead and register it. You can buy domain name variations at the same time.

However, before you get to that stage, there are several other factors you have to think about. Once you register a domain name, and publish your website using that name, the name becomes a key part of your company branding. That means you need to get it right. Here, we spell out some of the considerations you need to take into account before you buy a domain name.

1. Should the name include the business name?

There is much debate about this particular question, and opinions tend to fall strongly into yes or no camps. Like most things in life, things are rarely black and white, and it is rare that a particular option will be suitable in all cases.

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If your business name is very long, it may not be the best idea to use that as your main domain name. Even if the name is quite memorable, the longer it is the more likely it is that people will make errors while typing it in. Since you will want to make it as easy as possible for people to get to your website, you should try to keep the domain name short and simple.

You should also think about cutting out any extraneous information when you buy domain names. For example, if your business is incorporated, there is no benefit to you in having “Inc” as part of your domain name. Similarly, using phrases like “& Sons” or “& Associates” is really adding redundant information to your domain, and making it more difficult to type correctly.

2. Should I buy domains that tell people something about my business?

In the early days of the Internet, it was considered good practice to give people some idea of what your business was all about. At that time, search engines were a lot less sophisticated than they are now. If you included terms like “realestate” in your domain name, it tended to improve your ranking for searches related to real estate.

With billions of domain names now registered, that is no longer the case. There is little evidence to show that having a domain name related to the business being promoted makes the slightest difference in search engine rankings. The algorithms the modern search engines use will return results based on the website’s content, regardless of the domain name.

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It is also worth pointing out that some of the world’s best known domain names actually tell you nothing about what the domains do. While the word “Google” has now become synonymous with doing online searches, that was certainly not the case when the website was first launched. The creators invented a meaningless word that had absolutely nothing to do with searching for information, but that clearly has not affected its success.

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Another good example is Amazon. When the website was first launched, it sold only books, yet the founder, Jeff Bezos, chose to register a domain name that has absolutely nothing to do with books. Given that the website was launched when the Internet was in its infancy, there is little doubt that Bezos could purchase domain name variations related to books. His decision to name his website after a South American river went against the accepted norms that Internet marketing experts propounded at the time.

There are many other examples of very successful websites that use domain names that are totally unrelated to what the website is all about. People who choose to do this tend to use names that are easy to remember and easy to type.

3. Why buy domain name variations

You will often see advice to buy domain name variations and may wonder why. When you register your domain name, it becomes your intellectual property, and nobody else has the right to use it without your permission. As we have already mentioned, your domain name becomes an integral part of your brand. It is very much like a trademark.

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However, there is a key difference between the way registered domain names and registered trademarks are protected, especially for smaller businesses. If you have a registered trademark and some other company uses a very similar mark to promote its business or products, you can easily take action to prevent this.

The same is not true of domain names. A domain name’s TLD is the part that comes after the dot. If you register a domain name with a .com TLD, there is nothing to prevent somebody else from registering the same name with a .net TLD. That .net domain name could point to a website that is selling or promoting exactly the same products and services that yours is.

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The only way you can stop this from happening is to register several domain names with the most common TLDs. While this may seem problematical, it is actually quite easy to do, and does not involve huge additional expenditure. Domain registration is cheap, and it is worth spending a few extra bucks to protect your intellectual property.

4. Do not duplicate your websites

As you can see, there are benefits to registering different variations of your domain name. Since you have to pay money to do so, you will want to get some return on your investment. You will want people to be directed to what you are selling or promoting no matter what variation of your domain name they type in.

However, it would be a serious mistake to have several copies of your website published for each of your registered domain names. The search engines would view this as duplicated content, and that will seriously impact on the performance of each one of your websites in search engine results.

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What you need to do instead is to have just one version of your website, and to have all the domain names you have registered pointing at that single version of the site.

You can make your own mind up about whether to choose buy a domain name that includes your business name, or to go with one that does not directly tell people anything about what your business is. You also need to decide whether or not to buy different versions of the name to protect your intellectual property.

Just go to our Register Domains options to see how easy it is.


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