How To Use Cheap Domain Names In Five Easy Steps

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Cheap Domain Names

Cheap Domain Names

There are few things in life worth doing that can be done in only a single step. If it’s worth doing, after all, it’s worth doing right. If you’ve got a complex task, it’s naturally going to take several steps for you to get things done. It’s a simple part of getting a task finished, and an important way to divide things up into manageable bits.

If you want to do something as complex as make use of cheap domain names, you’ve got to prepare yourself for what’s coming – and you’ve got to know what needs to be done. Once you establish your rules, you can make life easier on yourself by following them.

Cheap Domain Names

If you’re in the process of hunting down a cheap domain, you definitely need to follow these five steps. They won’t just save you money, but they’ll also save you time – and if you want to make the most out of your business online, time is one thing that’s always going to be at a premium.

Step One: Consider Your Name

Cheap Domain Names
This first step is of crucial importance, because it’s going to set the tone for everything that you do next. If you aren’t willing to take a bit of time to consider exactly what you want to name your site, you’re not just going to miss out – you’re going to miss one of the most important parts of the planning phase. You’ve got to have a reasonable name, because that’s going to be the basis of your domain search.

Despite the fact that an overwhelming number of names are already taken, it is a good idea to start with what’s important to you. If you’ve got a particular name you want to stake out online, it won’t hurt for you to run a quick search and find out if it is in use.

If the name is used by a competitor or by a major business, you’ve got to rethink your strategy. If it is not, you’ve got to start considering how you’re going to turn your site’s name into a usable domain.

Step 2: Run a Search

Cheap Domain Name

It should come as no surprise at this point that a fair number of fantastic domain names are already taken. With that said, you can probably get fairly close to your goal by doing a search and finding out what’s out there.

If you don’t go about a search the right way, though, you’ll quickly find that those names you thought were available are still very much in use. In fact, there are few things worse than getting excited about a cheap domain name registration and then finding out that you searched incorrectly.

Once you’ve run a search, you can start editing your name. If you can grab something close (add a word to the end of your site’s name, etc), you can probably find a relatively inexpensive address.

The longer the domain, the less it’s going to be worth overall – and the less likely your customers will be to use it. With that said, a good search may help you to figure out that a slightly longer name is worth the extra brand recognition you can gain through other forms of marketing.

Step Three: Look Towards Lesser-Used Domains

Cheap Domains

To flesh out your attempts at grabbing that perfect name, you might want to look a bit further afield than the rarefied .com addresses. These domains are not only rapidly filling up, but they’re incredibly expensive compared to what else is out there. If you are willing to look at a .biz domain or .info domain, you might find that you can grab your name without quite as much of a capital investment.

.info Domain

Fortunately, today’s market is a bit more forgiving for those who can’t afford a .com address. With the sheer number of sites out there, visitors are getting used to visiting .biz and .info sites alongside their .com and .org brethren. Cheap domain names are often yours for the taking if you are willing to step outside of your usual comfort zone and invest in domains that might be a little more obscure than those that you were initially hoping to find.

Step Four: Bargaining

There are some online brokers that will let you buy domain names from those who might be squatting on those names. This isn’t the usual recourse for cheap domains, but you may well be able to cut a deal that is far less than what you might have to spend on an active website address. Bargaining for a domain name in use is tough, and it usually requires a fair bit of professional help. If you absolutely must have a name, and it absolutely must end in a given suffix, then your only real choice is to start bargaining.

.biz Domain

There are many services out there that can help you to find cheap domain names online, and some of them will help you to locate names that are for sale. This is still one of the final options that you should explore, though, as paying another person for an in-use domain can be fraught with peril. You are much better off seeking a less sought-after suffix or changing the name of your website. With that said, though, striking a bargain and buying a domain name that is in use may be the cheapest way for you to get the name that you need.

Step Five: Consider Costs For Cheap Domain Registration

Cheap Domain Registration

Finally, if you’ve exhausted your other options and are still looking, you can start to consider your cheap domain names as part of an overall package.

Finding the right site to help you to register your domain name might take a bit of the sting off of the sticker price, especially if you are able to get your hosting done at a lower or price or you can receive a better overall customer service package. It might not be ideal to pay more for what you had hoped would be a cheap domain, but reducing other costs can help.

One of the best deals that has come along in recent years is the fact that many companies will bundle together your domain name registration and hosting. This gives you access to a wider number of domain names, and helps to defray some of the cost of your valuable domains. With this said, it still costs much more to register a short .com address than anything else you’ll find out there – but you should still be able to find a way to register the name that you want without being forced to break the bank.

Once you’ve followed this advice, you’re likely to overcome most of the problems associated with trying to acquire cheap domain names.

Cheap Domain Name Registration

There are many benefits to getting your domain name at a good price, and you can congratulate yourself on failing to fall into the same traps that sink the marketing budgets of your peers and lead to failed websites. . If you decide to discount these steps? Well, the best we can say is good luck. You’ll need it, especially if you don’t want to pay for a domain name that costs more money than it is truly worth.

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