Domain Name Search And Registration In 3 Easy Steps

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Domain Name Search

Domain Name Search

Choosing the right domain name is a vital part of setting up a website. The domain name will have a large bearing on your search engine placement and once you have set up your website its hard to change.

Following is a step-by-step outline on how to do a domain names search for, and subsequently register, the domain name of your choice. These simple how-to’s will not only help you get a website up and running but also choose a search engine friendly name that will attract those you are seeking to reach.

Domain Name Check – Identifying What to Look For

Before you check domain name availability, you need to determine just what you are seeking. Here are some tips that can get you off to a good start.

Domain Search Tips for Brick and Mortar Businesses

Domain Search
If you have a brick and mortar business, then you will probably want to name your website after your business.

Doing so is a good idea, as it helps your clients identify your website with your business. In fact, you should use your official business name not only for your website but also all your social media accounts.

However, it is very possible that a domain name search will show that your chosen URL has already been taken. There are literally tens of millions of websites online and most generic sounding business names have been claimed. In such a case, do a domain name search for business names that are similar to the name of your business. 

Adding the name of the state or city you are located in to the end of your business name is a good idea. An example of this would be to do a domain name search for “Car Repair AZ” “” or “Car Repair LA” “” instead of ““. Adding the name of the city you are located in can be good for local search engine placement but should be avoided if you are setting up an online only store that is meant to have national or international appeal. 

Domain Search Tips for Online Businesses

Those who have an online only business may want to consider a variety of domain name options. You can name the business after the main product you are selling, or use one of the main keywords you want to get a high ranking for as part of the domain name. However, you should never use your own name for your website unless you are a well known expert in your field.

It is also important to choose a name that people can easily remember. Avoid using hyphens or uncommon characters when you do a domain name search, as these make it hard for people to remember your site and can even lead them to confusing your website with another website that has a similar domain name. Adding unusual characters and/or multiple hyphens to a URL name also looks tacky and unprofessional, giving people a bad impression of your business.

Avoid using overly promotional URL names, as they can do your site more harm than good. While you may think your product is the best in town, domain names such as “” do not inspire confidence in potential customers. 

Choosing the Domain Name Extension

Domain Name Availability

Choosing a domain name ending (extension) is nearly as important as picking out a domain name, as the domain name ending can have a large bearing on your search engine placement.

The .com domain name extension is perhaps the most common option and is recommended for most e-stores and business websites. When you run the domain name checker, be sure you are searching for .com extensions rather than lesser-known ones such as .biz or .net.

Those who are setting up a website for a not-for-profit organization or a site dedicated to providing a free service of some sort may find that a .org extension is the best option. This ending denotes that the site is non-commercial in nature.

Naturally, a .tv extension can be ideal for anyone who is setting up a website that specializes in offering video content. A .mobi URL ending denotes that the site is specifically made for mobile phone users. However, such a domain name is not usually worth the cost, as many website hosting services automatically configure a regular website so that it is compatible with an assortment of smart phone devices but might be a good investment to protect your brand in the future.

If your site only targets a local market or is country specific (i.e. a website that offers tours or holiday packages for a single county), then you may want to use a country specific ending such as .us, .ca, .mx, etc. However, such domain names should be avoided if you intend to target an international audience either now or in the future.

Choosing a Time Duration for an Available Domain Name (Website URL Registration)

Check Domain Name
The domain search is likely to take the greatest amount of time and research. This is not necessarily a bad thing; in fact, it pays to spend plenty of time considering various domain name options, looking into keyword usage statistics in Google Analytics and then picking possible domain names that look good, sound good, are professional in nature and highly related to who you are and what you have to offer.

The next step in registering your domain name is to choose the length of registration time. We offer close to half a dozen domain name registration options, enabling you to buy a domain name for one year, two years, three years, five years or ten years. While it costs more to register a domain name for long-term rather than short-term use, we highly recommend long-term domain name registration. It ensures that you retain ownership of your chosen domain name and is often cheaper in the long run than renewing your domain name on a yearly basis.

In Summary

Domain Names Search

If you are setting up a website for the first time, be sure to follow the guidelines outlined above. These are listed below in point form for your reference:

 – Choose a domain name that is highly related to your business. If you run a brick and mortar company, use your company name if possible. Be sure the name is also search engine friendly.

 – Choose an appropriate domain name extension. For most corporate entities, this means using a .com ending. In fact, it may be better use a .com ending with a domain name that is not your first choice rather than use an uncommon or unrelated domain name ending.

 – Register your domain name for the long term. Doing so saves both time and money and eliminates the risk of losing your domain name (along with your website ranking and all your links) because you forgot to renew the domain name.

WebDevel domain name search is as easy as possible. However, if you need help or assistance as you search domain names, do not hesitate to get in touch with us either by phone or email. We offer 24/7 technical, sales and billing support to make it easy for you to get the domain name of your choice in a speedy, efficient manner. We look forward to helping you acquire the domain name that best suits your site and even offer free extras to help keep your costs down as you start off your new online venture.

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