Domain Registration And Hosting Services With A Trusted Registrar

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Domain Registration and Hosting

Domain Registration And Hosting

ICANN has recently added hundreds of top-level domain name extensions like .sexy, .loans and .restaurant. You can get the domain name that you want by using our intuitive research tools to find the ideal domain name for your business or personal website. If you want to ensure worry-free registration, transferring, hosting and optimizing your site for marketing purposes, contact for public or private registrations and hosting services.
Transfer Domain
The benefits of our domain registration and hosting services include multiple hosting plans that are ideal for personal, business or reselling purposes. We handle your existing domain name transfer so that your Web-related management tasks only involve one company. As one of the most respected domain name registrars, our suite of services provides worry-free domain name hosting, no matter whether you use your registered domains for business, personal or speculative reasons.

Domain Registration Issues and Our Services

Domain Appraisal
We are an officially accredited registrar, so you don’t need to worry about issues like an unscrupulous host hijacking your domain. Hijacking can occur when a host maliciously or unintentionally registers a domain name using its own corporate information. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) maintains records of every website and their owners, so you website could be registered to another entity. If your host inadvertently or deliberately registers your domain in its own name, the company could hold your domain hostage if you want to switch hosts or someone offers to pay more for the domain lease.

Choosing a full-service domain registration and hosting company ensures that you can research possible domain names easily, check on your registration details, monitor expiring names and even earn money reselling domain names. We also offer private registration, which prevents your personal information like home address, email address and home phone number from appearing on Who Is searches that anyone can conduct to find information about publicly registered website owners.

The Value of Your Domain Name

Domain Transfer
Finding the right domain name is critical to digital marketing success because the right name makes is easy for people to remember your name or find your site through service-related keywords. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) was organized as a nonprofit corporation to administer the Internet, and the company assigns top-level Web addresses or domain names based on the following breakdown:

• The standard .com is open to anyone.
• Although intended for organizations, .org is also open.
• The alternative .net is also an open-use TLD.
• Second-level domains add multiple domain name choices based on countries.
• ICANN recently added hundreds of open top-level domains that include .sexy, .clothing, .computer, .investment and many others.

Could our registration services help you take advantage of hundreds of new top-level domain name extensions?

Domain Name Appraisal
The demand for simple, easy-to-remember website addresses grows exponentially with the increasing number of websites. Smart entrepreneurs have always made money by investing in ideas and speculating on products that they expect to increase in value.

Our domain-related services provide the following signature benefits:

• Free domain appraisal to determine your domain’s value
Domain forwarding to any website that you own
• Automatic domain transfer that allows you to keep any remaining time on your existing registration
• Bulk prices for multiple domain registrations and reselling services
• Research tools to find the ideal domain name for your business
• Registration of international domain names in other languages
• Back-order ability to reserve appealing domain names that expire

Domain Forwarding

Hosting Services Designed for Powerful Marketing

Our domain hosting services offer all the advantages for keeping your website online 24/7. You can choose from affordable plans for personal websites, business hosting and critical services without worrying about high costs, company stability, space or bandwidth. We make hosting easy by providing security safeguards, one-click set-ups, scalability and monitoring your website for suspicious activity and performance issues. Other benefits of our hosting plans include:

• Unlimited bandwidth
• Hosting that’s compatible with Linux or Windows servers
• Guaranteed 99.99% uptime
• Phone, email and online support services
• User-friendly controls for managing your website
Domain name hosting services for marketing or reselling
Transfer domain from other hosts without hassles
• Flexibility to install innovative apps on your site

Domain Registration and Hosting

Control Panels for Linux and Windows

We offer cPanel and Parallels Plesk control panels for Linux and Windows operating systems, so you keep full control of your website, DNS records and subdomains. You can reassign, sell or update contact information anytime from your control panel, which makes selling or reselling domain names fast and profitable. Choose the platform that best fits your needs or operating system.

Suite of Website-Related Services

Our marketing services ensure that your website stays highly visible to search engines. You can market your products and services through email campaigns, keyword research and website design. Your website’s design plays an increasingly important role in SEO efforts and generating a satisfying experience for customers and landing-page visitors. Our hosting services include website-building, marketing and managing services.

Domain Name Hosting

We can help you build your website with responsive design and ensure that your customers will always find your site up and running efficiently. You can create SSL-encrypted shopping carts to sell multiple products and services. We’ll help you install and maintain the on-site apps that customers use and appreciate.

1. Marketing Tools

The right tools allow you to optimize your marketing efforts through generic searches, email campaigns and social media networking. We offer easy, one-click broadcasting to multiple networks, survey builders, list managers, automatic sign-up forms and real-time reports.

2. Website-Building Tools

You want a website that’s responsive and easy to navigate. Our design tools help you because of drag-and-drop functionality so that you don’t need any coding or technical skills. You can design a stunning website that adjusts to look good on a personal computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

3. WordPress Hosting

More independent people choose WordPress for designing their websites because the open-source content management system provides signature benefits. Just because you want the SEO, security and design benefits of WordPress doesn’t mean you want to spend time handling the technical details. We offer one of the industry’s fastest and most reliable platforms for hosting WordPress sites. Using WordPress and our hosting platform gives you the following benefits:

• Expert set-ups and tweaks
• Ability to update content across all your site pages
• Managing permissions to authors and authorized personnel
• Worry-free backups and easy system restorations

4. Security Protection

The digital world breeds increasingly sophisticated hackers and criminals who come up with new ways to attack your website. You want to be free to concentrate on business, so choosing a hosting service with 24/7 security, website monitoring and access to the latest prevention tools allows you to focus on your core business.

Domain Name Transfer

When you choose our domain registration and hosting services, you get the highest professional standards, greatest variety of hosting plans and best ancillary marketing and reselling services. The newest ICANN suffixes offer extraordinary opportunities for businesses and domain resellers, so take advantage of all the services that an accredited registrar can provide.

Our domain registration and hosting services provide stability for your website. Marketing success depends on your website domain name, so researching, registering and maintaining your domain is critical to your ability to present the right image. We handle all the details like automatic registration renewals, services for domain name appraisal, bulk registrations and multiple hosting plans for personal and business applications.


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