5 Reasons to Register Domain Name Variations

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Register a Domain

Register Domain Name

Your domain name is essentially the address of your website. That is what people are going to type in if they want to go straight to your site. If you have a domain name that is hard to remember, you’ve got problems.

Before you even start building your website you must give some thought as to what you will call it. It’s often very easy to come up with a name that somehow reflects what your business is about, but that name can be clunky and could be very difficult for people to remember.

Register Domain Name

You need to think about making it as easy as possible for people to find you. Once you have come up with a good name for your website, you will need to go through the domain name registration procedure to make that name exclusively yours. The first question many people ask is “how do I register a domain name?” and the answer is that it is quite easy to do.

While domain registration may sound like a complex procedure, it is really very simple and straightforward, and does not require any specialized knowledge. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Domain Name Registration

When you register a domain name, the name you choose has to be unique. You cannot register domain names that other people have already registered. A domain name consists of at least two parts, separated by a period. The part after the period is called the TLD (top level domain). Here is the key issue: a domain such as mysite.com is considered to be distinct from mysite.net or mysite.org. Even though these three variations are almost identical, they are considered unique.

You should be able to appreciate that if you register a domain, it is quite possible that others can register very similar domain names. They may do this deliberately, or they may not even be aware of the existence of your domain with an almost identical name.

One way to maximize the amount of traffic you get is to register domain name variations. That increases your chances of getting return visits from people who have not accurately remembered your website’s name. Here are 5 reasons why registering multiple domain names works in your favor.

1. Surfers may not remember your website address.

When you register domain name variations you make it easier for users to find you. When you launch a new website, it is going to take some time before it becomes widely known to its target audience. Depending on the nature of your website, your repeat visitors may not return with enough frequency that they will remember your domain name by heart.

Domain Registration

They may remember the first part, but forget whether it’s a .com or a .net domain. You can make it easier for them to find you again by registering your domain name with both these TLDs, and with other popular TLDs.

2. Surfers may search with the wrong TLD.

Register DomainWhen somebody is trying to find your website, you will obviously want to make the process as simple as possible. If a visitor who is trying to return to your website types in the wrong domain name, then that visitor could end up on a totally different website.

If the surfer types a domain name into a search engine search box, the search will return that domain name (if it exists) at the top of the results, and the searcher will inevitably click on the top link.

The surfer may realize that he or she has gone to the wrong website, and may go back to the search engine results. However, if the website he or she arrives at is offering services or products similar to yours, the surfer may be content to stay with that website, and not bother looking for yours.

Worse still, since the surfer may experience a little frustration about not being able to find the preferred website, he or she may bookmark the other website to stop the problem arising next time. You will then have lost that visitor permanently. If you register domain name variations, you reduce the chances of this happening.

3. Stop others from benefiting from your promotional work.

You will be putting a lot of effort into promoting and marketing your website. The better your website performs in search engine results, the more traffic you will generate. Additionally, your website’s profile will become more prominent. Competitors will become aware of your successes and may try to cash in on them.

How Do I Register Domain Name

One of the easiest way for competitors to do this is to register a domain name that is very similar to yours, and hope that people will confuse their website with yours. It is perfectly legal for competitors to do this, and the only way you can prevent this from happening is to register domain name variations.

4. It’s the best way to protect your branding.

At the very least, you should register your domain name with the most common TLDs. It is impossible to register every possible variation of your domain name. However, the most common error people make when typing a website address into a browser address bar, or into a search box, is that they use the wrong TLD.

5. It is cost effective?

When you register a domain here at webdevel.com, we give you a discount on multiple domains with the same name but a different TLD.

This makes it very cost effective to protect your intellectual property, your brand and your reputation. It also makes it as easy as possible to quickly register multiple domain names without the need to type each variation in. Just tick the box for each TLD you want.

Register Domain Names

Businesses go to great expense to register trademarks and to patent inventions. They can incur huge legal and processing fees to do this. Their primary purpose is to prevent others from exploiting their brand or their inventions.

Trying to protect domain names is pretty similar to this process. You cannot prevent somebody from registering domain names similar to yours. Neither can you stop competitors from coming out with a web design that is very similar to your own.

If somebody produces an exact copy of your website, you might have some legal recourse, but it can be very difficult to pursue this thanks to the global nature of the Internet. The person or persons who create a virtual copy of your website and use a similar domain name could be based in a jurisdiction at the other side of the globe.

Register a Domain Name

You can get a head start just by making it more difficult for unscrupulous competitors to piggyback on your success. You may lose a small number of visitors through people misspelling your domain name, but you will lose a lot more if they spell the first part correctly and use the wrong TLD.

We try hard to make provide the very best customer service. We understand the benefits of people registering multiple domain names. That is why we give you a set of check boxes to tick so that you can register a domain name with different TLDs all from the same screen. We make it is as easy as possible to register a domain name.

In addition, when you register domain names with us, we give you a discount on the registration price for these additional domains. To protect your online presence and get the best domain registration deals possible, go to our Register Domain page and see what we have to offer.

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