Who Is Domain Searches Reveal Personal Information

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Who Is Domain

Who Is Domain searches can reveal personal and family information about your business. The commonly used WhoIs Domain protocol allows anyone with computer skills to research information that is maintained by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN. You can protect your identity, privacy and domain name and prevent cyber-stalking, spam, data-mining and other related risks of having your information widely available to anyone. We can register your domain name privately at WebDevel.com and keep your identity hidden from public searches.

Who Is Domain

Our Private Domain Registration Offers Business and Personal Website Benefits

Choosing us to register or host your website and opting for private registration ensure that your private information stays private.

Unless you use your home address and phone number for your business, there’s no upside to revealing personal information to the world. Giving out your address and personal details because you own a blog or hobby site is risky. The benefits of domain privacy include:Who Owns Domain

• You keep control of your domain and can cancel, sell or renew it.
• Private registrations don’t affect your ability to control your website content, update contact information and resolve disputes.
• You can shield your business decisions from hackers and competitors.
• Using a reliable host and registrar prevents your domain from hijacking and domain-related spamming.
• If you’re using a website for personal reasons instead of business, you can protect your privacy and stop data-mining and spam.
Protect your privacy, and keep your home address and identity from being available to stalkers, criminals, identity thieves and aggressors.

Who Owns a Domain Name?

Whois Domain

Aside from the philosophical argument that nobody owns a domain name but only rents it, your WhoIs Domain research might show that it’s someone else who really owns your domain. Hosting companies, through ignorance or ill-intent, sometimes register domains in their own names in hosting situations. This situation could lead to the company holding your domain hostage to prevent you from switching to another provider. A determined entrepreneur might offer to buy the domain at an inflated price, and your hosting company could sell it.

Who Owns a Domain Name

You can protect your domain by conducting a domain WhoIs search to see if your information is correct. If your name is not listed as the owner or other mistakes, then you can usually get the information corrected by logging into your account. If you can’t, ask your host to correct the inaccurate information. If the company refuses, you might need to take legal action. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll prevail in court.

Legitimate and Unscrupulous Reasons for Who Is Domain Research

Some domain names are more popular than others because they’re easier for customers to remember or perfect fits for certain business entities. That’s why there is a market for buying underutilized domains and reselling domains for profit. Since people don’t really own domains but lease them, several problems can arise about who owns domain.

.com Domain

Unscrupulous companies can try to hijack the domain and webmasters might forget to renew their domains. Speculators often search Who Is Domain to find lapsed or expiring domains that have marketing appeal and back-order them, so choosing a registrar or Web hosting service is critical for personal and business security, privacy and timely administration of your domain.

Could you be vulnerable to attacks or vandalism by disgruntled customers? Just remember that anyone can search for your personal information and find out where you live based if you own a website unless you take steps to hide your personal information.

Understanding Domain Names

Domain Whois

The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN administers the Internet and domain registrations. The company stores contact information, home address, phone numbers, domain name expiration dates and other information.

The most popular Web addresses end with the .com domain suffix, but the most memorable and competitive names are usually taken. ICANN set up the .com suffix for businesses, .net for networks, .edu for educational institutes, .org for nonprofits and .gov for governmental organizations.

Network Information Centre of Spain and Second-Level Domains

Computer-savvy people can easily conduct Who Is Domain searches by using Transmission Control Protocol or TCP on port 43 to communicate with servers. In Spain, servers use port 43 and .es domain searches instead of the Who Is Domain.

The .es suffix is added to the other suffixes like .com and .edu for second-level domains, which allow determined people to get an otherwise unavailable domain name. If you’ve gone to a lot of trouble to secure your domain, you need to protect your lease from an accidental or malicious transfer. That’s why choosing a reliable registrar is so important. We protect your privacy and administer your account skillfully.

Benefits of Choosing a Certified Registrar for Hosting

.es Domain

Our services include domain registrations, easy Who Is Domain searches, Web hosting and bulk prices for companies and entrepreneurs with multiple domains. Other benefits of using our services include:

• Automatic transfers of your domains allow you to keep any remaining time on your existing leases.
• Private registration protects you from a host of risks.
• Register your names for .com, .net and .org domains in more than 100 languages.
• You can research domains easily and back-order desirable domains if they become available.
• Clients can arrange domain forwarding to any website that they own.
• All services come with SSL encryption, free email and multiple plan options.
• We handle transfers of your domain to another owner and provide reseller services for entrepreneurs who want to resell domain names as a business.
• Get instant alerts if your domain status changes.
• Arrange for automatic renewals so that you never risk losing your domain.
• Industry-standard control panels allow you to manage and update your records and control subdomains, FTP and website location.
• Choose cPanel controls for Linux severs or Parallels Plesk if you have a Windows operating system.

Should You Choose Public or Private Registration?

We believe that with our service and support, there’s no advantage to public registration. Some critics argue that legitimate websites might suffer in SEO searches if they’re registered privately, but this doesn’t really apply if you have an active website and a regular business address that’s separate from your home.

Who Owns a Domain

Google consistently denies that it uses private registration as a ranking factor. Consumer concerns about safety and privacy grow stronger each year in the digital age. However, if your domain name has a history of short-term transfers, you might face some SEO-ranking risks if you build your website with bad architecture, weak links and poorly written content.

On the other side of the question, some experts argue that paying for your domain registration for several years in advance could improve your SEO results, though Google denies this policy as well. We’ll let you come to your own conclusions, but we do offer Web marketing services, website builders and high-performance hosting that’s guaranteed to optimize generic searches and strengthen your website’s visibility.

Making Money with Our Services

In addition to our e-commerce, Web marketing, registration and hosting services, we also offer an effective and ethical reseller service for entrepreneurs who want to explore reselling domain registrations. We’ve put together a great business model with a marketing and business infrastructure, support support services and product development so that you can get your reseller business running quickly.

Domain Whois

Website registration of domain names is usually a public record. You can choose our website hosting or registration services and get private registration that protects your personal information from hijackers, spammers, espionage from competitors and other malicious uses of your identity and personal details.


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