5 Common Questions About Web Site Hosting

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Web Site Hosting

Here at webdevel.com, we are frequently contacted by new website owners who are puzzled about which is the best web site hosting option for them. We are more than delighted to answer such queries and to offer as much help as we can.

If you are about to launch your own website and are unsure of which is your best option, we have compiled a list of things you need to consider, based on the most common questions we get. While every individual’s requirements will be different, we can point out the principal things that will affect your choice. We can also show you why we think you should avoid signing up with services that offer to host a website for free.

If you are a complete newbie to web building, hosting and publishing, you may not fully understand some of the issues involved. For example, you may not know what an apache server is. If that is the case, you should search online for help on the topics about which you are uncertain. You can also pose questions on online forums, and you will often get a response within minutes. The more knowledge you accumulate, the better placed you will be to make crucial decisions.

1. What are my site hosting options?

While we cater for website owners whose sites have thousands of dynamic pages, and whose traffic volumes are immense, most of those people who are publishing a website for the first time have modest requirements. They may be publishing personal websites, or websites that consist of a handful of static pages, or maybe even just a single page. For such people, our Economy hosting package is an ideal choice. This suits the most modest budgets, and provides ample resources such as disk space, bandwidth, and email accounts.

Web Site Hosting Options

We do not believe that people should use free hosting services. There are significant downsides to these. Firstly, many of them will take up a chunk of the browser display screen with advertisements. If you are wondering what is the best web site hosting provider for personal websites, you might think that this type of hosting is fine.

But, do you really want to have your personal website cluttered with advertising banners over which you have no control?

Even if your website is a personal one, you have probably spent a good bit of time trying to get it looking great. Imagine, then, how it will look when a garish advertisement banner with colors that clash with your careful design takes up a large part of the screen. It will look shoddy and amateurish, and most people do not want their websites to create that impression.

2. Who provides the cheapest and best web site hosting for websites?

The answer to this question is not so simple. The problem is that you cannot compare the services offered by two or more hosting companies on price alone. You need to dig a little deeper to find out exactly what you are getting for your money.

Site Hosting
For example, a company may offer a very low initial cost that looks attractive. Once the special offer period is over, the monthly fee can rise dramatically. What seemed like a great web site hosting deal can actually turn out to the most expensive one.

You also need to look at resources like email accounts, disk space, the number and size of MySQL databases you can have, and bandwidth. As a beginner, your website may not need to use the maximum level of resources available, but you still need to compare these resources amongst different web site hosting companies to get an accurate picture of the true cost. Secondly, while you may have modest needs initially, your need for resources may grow if your website proves popular.

3. What level of support do I need?

We run the most modern servers in our state of the art datacenter.

Apache Server

Our systems are monitored round the clock, so many problems are identified and eliminated before they cause any downtime. Nevertheless, we do occasionally have downtime, but our expert engineers are on hand to get everything working again in the shortest possible time. That is why we guarantee 99.9% uptime, and why we get very few queries to our support team.

Host My Site
Just in case you do need to contact us, we offer 24/7 support. The level of support offered by free hosting website services will fall far short of this. In many cases, there is no support available. Even when there is, it is usually restricted to office hours, and limited to weekdays. Some free site hosting companies offer support via premium rate telephone numbers.

4. Should I be concerned about security?

Our monitoring systems, together with our top class security software, greatly reduce the risk of security breaches at the server level.

This is vitally important to website owners, who must also be aware of security issues with their websites. When you are asking yourself “Who is going to host my site?” this is something you must take into account.
Lots of websites sell products or services, and they need to charge for those online. That very often means the purchaser must enter credit or debit card details, and other personal information that must be protected from falling into the wrong hands.
Host a Website

Most small business websites pass off payment processing to a third party processor, so they do not have to worry about protecting financial data, as the third party processor will handle that aspect. Using a third party payment processor means the customer does not have to submit any card details to the vendor website.

If you do need to handle payments directly on your website, or you gather other confidential information, there are security issues you need to consider. Firstly, you must have rigorous security checks on your website to prevent unauthorized access to the database where your clients’ details are stored. Secondly, you must ensure that the data being entered cannot be compromised during transmission between the client’s computer and the server hosting your website.

We offer SSL (Secure Sockets Level), the most widely used security protocol on the Internet, to keep your data communications secure. When SSL is enabled, all communications between clients and your website are encrypted, and it is impossible to decode all the encrypted data.

Security is very important, and you can be certain that the level of security offered by free hosting services is well below that available from hosts like us.

5. Can I have my own domain name?

Absolutely! We even provide a domain registration service, so you can check for availability and register your domain with us. Having your own domain name is essential if you are publishing a commercial website. You do not want customers to think you are doing it on the cheap.

Hosting Website

Your own domain name helps you brand your product or service, and gives customers greater confidence in what you are offering. With many free hosting services, you cannot have your own domain name. Instead, you must use a sub-domain of the hosting service.

Our Economy package is amongst the cheapest site hosting packages available, yet it provides ample resources for most website requirements. With our service, you get lots of email accounts, and have the very best support and security levels. If you still have any questions, please call us at 480-624-2500 or visit WebDevel.com.

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