What To Look For In The Best Blog Hosting

Posted - 12:15 pm
Best Blog Hosting

Best Blog Hosting

Finding the best blogging host isn’t easy. Bloggers who are serious about their craft need to work with a host who provides the right features, the right price and the right technology – as well as the right support. Such a company can provide a stable place for bloggers to make their mark on the internet.

Best Blog Hosting

Bloggers need a hosting solution that they can trust. After all, a good host is a key part of creating a successful blog. Unfortunately, the market is full of hosting companies that do not have quite what it takes to help most bloggers to become successful. If you want to be sure that you are working with the best blog hosting company, you need to make sure that you consider the points below. Each will help you to find a hosting relationship that fits your needs.

The Features

Best Blog Hosting

When looking for the best blog hosting, one should always start with the basic features of the platform offered by the host. It might seem like a fairly obvious place to start, but far too many would-be bloggers let a variety of other issues cloud their vision when they choose a good host. You have to decide for yourself what you need out of your hosting solution, and whether or not a given host can provide that for you. If you can’t get what you need, no combination of the factors below are likely to improve your experience.

We absolutely recommend that you begin your search with a simple question – what do you need?

If you are honest, you will find that your basic requirements are likely simpler than you might first imagine. With that said, each of those requirements are likely to be deal breakers when they come to finding the best host – after all, your needs have to be met in the hosting relationship. Before you look at a host – any host – start by figuring out what your ideal host would be like. That should provide you a fair bit of guidance that might otherwise be lost in the shuffle.

The Technology

Blog Host

Yes, the technology behind your host is especially important. Even if you are simply looking for fast WordPress hosting, you need to know that the core principles of your host’s systems are going to keep working. Whether you are putting up your WordPress blog for fun or profit, nothing will work out quite as well as you hope if your potential readers don’t get a chance to view your blog. This is why you need to know that you have a stable system at your disposal.

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We’re believers that your host’s main job is making sure that your followers can visit your blog. No matter what other features are offered or what other promises are made, the entire host-blogger relationship breaks down if the blogger cannot be sure that his or her page will stay up when it really counts.

As such, we make it a point to provide the kind of technology that will keep your page up and running – and the kind of technology that will make website issues an exception rather than the rule. Our job is to help you to become successful – and that requires providing a stable platform for your blog. Without the right technology, even the best hosting service can’t help its clients to provide a stable and reliable experience for their readers.

The Cost

Fast WordPress Hosting

Most articles that discuss the best blog hosting solutions tend to outright avoid the issue of cost. Simply put, the average blogger is going to look for the host that is going to cost him or her the least amount of money. This, unfortunately, isn’t the best way to look at cost. While there’s a great deal to be said for saving a bit of extra money on hosting, one should look at the cost of the hosting relationship holistically. The bottom line includes far more than what you are charged each month.

Fast WordPress Hosting

Your goal should be to seek out a fair price, not the lowest price. You want to be charged a price that is fair for the services that you receive. All too often, the lowest-priced competitors are those who offer few resources and even less support for a low price. The best deals might cost a little more, but they tend to maximize the uptime and utility of a site. This means more page views and, for some, more money in their pockets. If you want to make sure that you work with a company that provides the best blog hosting, you need to know what you are getting for your money.

The Support

While features are important, one of the issues that will most likely impact the average blogger is the amount of support offered by the host. There are many problems that can happen with a website, most of them out of the control of both the blogger and the host. If your site goes down, though, you need to make sure that it comes back up as quickly as possible. When you’re in a situation that should inspire a fair bit of panic, you want to be able to turn to a host that you can trust to resolve the problem.

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To a degree, the hallmark of a good host should be the availability of its support team. We believe in 24/7 service – after all, there’s no guarantee that your site’s problems are going to occur within business hours. A host that doesn’t provide for the possibility of a site going down during the early morning or the middle of the night is one that isn’t planning correctly. You need to be able to trust that your problem will actually be fixed as soon as possible.

WordPress Blog

You also need to be able to communicate with the people who are hosting your site. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting back a form letter when you really need to get a unique response.

There’s also little that worse than talking to someone who is doing nothing more than reading off of a script – your problem is unique, and you need to talk to someone that understands that.

That’s why we believe in investing in customer service, and providing you with the help that you need for your unique issues. We never want our hosted blogs to have a problem, but we do believe in making sure that you get the help you need when they occur.

There’s more that goes into picking the best blog hosting that just looking for a price point. You need to take the time to concentrate on your own needs, figure out what is included in the costs, and to feel safe and secure with both the host’s technology and the level of customer support that the host provides.

If you can count on your host to provide what you need, you can count on your website to be available for your readers. Once you’ve got that accomplished, you can feel safe in the knowledge that the success of your site is predicated not on the reliability of your host but on the content that you produce.


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