What The Best WordPress Web Hosting Offers Are

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Wordpress Web Hosting

WordPress is the go-to platform if you want to start a blog.
It is the easiest to use, extremely powerful, and has a lot of community and developer support. There are lots of free and premium WordPress themes and plugins available right now. If you have already decided to go with WordPress, then you are already looking for WordPress web hosting. Here is how we can help.

Things to Look For in WordPress Web Hosting

A wide range of hosts offers web hosting for reasonable prices, but they are not all the same. The quality varies a lot. If the price seems too low, then you already know what sort of service you can truly expect from them. There are also a number of forums that you can browse for reviews and tips regarding web hosts.

Wordpress Web Hosting

When it comes to WordPress, though, the number of quality web hosts comes down. WordPress is a beast of a software—it requires a significant amount of resources to run smoothly and efficiently. Many hosts offer WordPress web hosting, but will quickly shut down your site if there are data spikes or if you consume too much bandwidth. On top of all that, WordPress requires a whole host of software that many web hosts lack.

Keeping that in mind, here are a few things you should look for when you seek WordPress web hosting.

Server Space and Bandwidth

The initial setup for WordPress does not take up too much disk space. However, that increases over time as you upload photos, music, and video to your blog. Frequent use of the media features in WordPress will quickly consume a lot of disk space, which many web hosts do not like.

Most web hosts restrict the amount of space you can use. They may offer hundreds of gigabytes of space, but you will find out soon that many of them oversell and cannot accommodate you because of other users.

Blog Web Hosting

This is where we excel: all our plans feature ample amount of space to get you started and beyond. The amount of space we offer in our packages is exactly what you will get. There are no artificial restrictions or limitations on file sizes and whatnot. What you pay for is exactly what you will get.

Additionally, we offer a package that features unlimited disk space, which you can use for storing multimedia content for your blog. You can easily upload your photos, podcasts, and videos, among other items, to your blogs without having to worry about any limitation.

Blog Web Hosting

Bandwidth is another issue where many web hosts falter. We now live in a world with high-resolution photos and videos that take a lot of bandwidth to transfer. Many web hosts may place limitations on the amount of bandwidth your blog can use before it is shut down. If your blog posts go viral and a lot of visitors come in, your site will be shut down quickly by such hosts. To them, bandwidth is a precious resource.

You will not face the above problem when you host with us. We offer unlimited bandwidth on all our packages, which means you do not have to stress over the number of visitors your blogs get. In fact, our servers have been designed with this in mind. Our world-class data centers are spread throughout the world, which means your visitors will get fast download speeds no matter where they are. Our servers are connected to the major providers, ensuring fast speeds through and through. Additionally, we have the best-of-breed equipment when it comes to our routers and servers. This ensures that our hardware is fast and optimized all the time to take on any load your blogs put on them. Simply put, we offer the best hosting for WordPress with our hosting packages.

Database and Software

WordPress runs on PHP and MySQL. The former is a popular scripting language that is used by the vast majority of websites these days. PHP is very fast and efficient, powering WordPress to be an extremely productive software.

Best Hosting For WordPress

Many web hosts run outdated PHP versions on their servers. This creates problems with WordPress installations, which require the latest version of PHP to be installed.

WordPress uses MySQL database to store and retrieve posts, comments, and other blog data. MySQL is very fast and powerful. WordPress takes full advantage of that.

Some web hosts place severe limitations on the size of MySQL databases. Over time, your blogs will accumulate hundreds of posts, comments, and other such data. These will add to the size of your database. If the host places restrictions on the size, then your blogs will definitely suffer. Simply put, you will not be able to grow larger.

Best Hosting For WordPress

Additional WordPress installations will need more databases. You can install more than one WordPress in one database, but it will be slow and unwieldy. Many hosts place restrictions on the number of databases you can have.

Our hosting packages keep that in mind for WordPress web hosting. We offer at least 10 databases in our economy package, and you can scale up to unlimited MySQL databases with our ultimate package. The size of our databases is 1 GB each, which is more than enough for even the largest WordPress installations.

FTP and Security

Blog web hosting requires FTP access to upload files easily and effortlessly. You will need FTP to transfer additional files to your WordPress blogs. Through FTP, you can install new plugins and WordPress themes. You can also edit and rearrange files if you want.

Wordpress Themes

This is where many web hosts place restrictions. Some of them simply do not offer FTP access, so you cannot upload or add new plugins and WordPress themes to your blogs.

You do not need to worry about this when you take our hosting packages. We offer FTP as standard across all packages. On top of that, we offer SSL security as an add-on. It ensures that the data being transferred from your computer to our servers is encrypted—no one can snoop on it. It is excellent if you have confidential, private data that you do not want others to read.

As you can see by now, our WordPress web hosting offers everything. We offer unlimited storage and bandwidth to our customers. Our servers are actually designed around that, so you do not have to worry about overloading resources. We offer PHP and MySQL databases, with the latter being large enough to accommodate the largest blogs out there. Finally, we offer FTP access and SSL security, so you can transfer your files securely without any additional setups.

Wordpress Themes

Finding the best WordPress web hosting can be difficult, but your search ends here. We offer the best in class storage and bandwidth to our customers. You do not have to be anxious about resources because of unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Our servers have the latest software installed and come with a vast number of MySQL databases that you can use to host multiple blogs. FTP access is included as default, enabling you to upload and add new plugins and WordPress themes to your blogs. Finally, SSL security is an excellent add-on if you want to secure your blogs.

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